Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th October 2022 episode written update

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Vithal Mane, who is severely intoxicated, pays a visit to the Chavans when they are eating breakfast. Omkar inquires as to what he is doing here. Vithal expresses a desire to speak with Virat. Omkar warns him to leave because they are now politically powerful as well. Vithal claims he wants to make amends with Virat’s first wife. Chavans congregate. Vithal is yelled at by Bhavani. Vithal declares that he does not speak to women and calls out Virat’s name. Virat approaches him and says how can he enter his home. Vithal says he should instruct his first wife, Sai, to stay away from Jagtap and that, like Virat, Sai has two husbands, one Virat and two Jagtap. Virat hits him and yells, “What garbage!” Vithal claims that Sai has been holding Jagtap captive for 7 years, and that Jagtap is enraged by Sai and her daughter. Virat yanks him from the house. Vithal threatens to kill Jagtap if Sai does not spare her.

Bhavani curses Sai, saying that as if Sai and her daughter weren’t enough, they now had to deal with Sai’s goons. Virat decides it’s time to call it a day and heads to Sai’s residence. Sai opens the door and says it’s wonderful he arrived since she wanted to speak with him. He drags her into the car and drives her to an open field. Sai inquires as to what transpired. He drags her along. She warns her not to touch her and how dare he drag her. Virat screams at her for having a relationship with Kamal sir and Samrat’s murderer Jagtap. Sai scoffs at him for linking her to Jagtap and declares that she will no longer respond to him. Virat claims Vithal paid him a visit and inquired about Jagtap and Sai’s relationship. He wonders why Jagtap is so close to her and her daughter, and whether he is a friend, companion, or a paramour. Sai slaps him hard on the back.

Omkar questions Jagtap’s bravery in entering a DGP residence. Bhavani claims that thugs will visit their home until a rubbish named Sai is affiliated with them; she has already advised them to keep Sai away from them. Karishma wonders if Sai is having an affair with Jagtap. Pakhi warns her not to gossip about Sai. Sonali claims Karishma is simply repeating what Vithal said, and her character murders Sai. Shivani believes Bhavani should not have reprimanded Virat, and she is unsure where Virat is today. Bhavani claims she went to Sai because Sai understands how to entice men.

Pakhi becomes enraged and advises them to cease their accusations; why should they be impacted by a stranger’s allegations? They can’t lose their peace of mind and start a fight over it; Virat knows what he does, so they don’t need to worry about Virat and continue their meal. Sai confronts Virat, saying she is startled by his cheap thinking and feels sorry that she previously loved him and selected such a cheap thinking man. Virat says it’s wonderful that she hates the day they married, he hates the day he fell in love with her, his family had to endure shame because of her, and smoke doesn’t spread without a fire.

When a woman is a single mother, Sai claims that it is simple to judge her character. People may wonder who her baby’s father is, possibly the man who visits her, how she manages her finances, whether she needs assistance, whether he should break down her door rather than providing it, and other things. She questions who he is to respond to him, why he is interfering in her life when he already has a wife, and why did she bring him to a remote location and question why he married Pakhi. She claims that while talking about girl power and women’s empowerment, they treat women with disdain. She begs him to permit the woman to live in peace.

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