Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th October 2022 episode written update

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Sai continues to confront Virat, saying that they name women devi and do pooja for them, but women don’t need their pooja if they don’t respect her. She goes on to describe how guys like Virat treat women, asking who he is to question her and how dare he to drag her here when he is just her patient’s father and nobody to her. She threatens him to slap him again and file a police report if he touches her again; as a police officer, he should be aware of the criminal charges for abusing a woman; if he makes the same mistake again, he will find himself in court answering questions. Virat is speechless.

Vinayak inquires about Virat during breakfast. Pakhi claims to have left. She serves him diet food, telling him he needs it if he wants to win a race; she will accompany him to practise; and if he wins a race, she/Sai will. Ashwini wonders if she’s doing all of this to go out of their life as soon as possible. Vinayak inquires. Pakhi is deafeningly quiet. Vinayak contacts Savi after breakfast and informs him that if he wins a race, he will ask Virat to adopt Savi. He reveals his intention to move her next to his room so they may talk a lot.

Sai has returned home. Usha inquires if she went with damadji/SIL. Sai instructs her not to address Virat as damadji because he is no one to her. While driving back home, Virat unleashes his rage on Sai, saying that he despises him and recalls Sai flashing him a mirror. He goes home and informs Pakhi that he will assist Vinayak in his race preparations and will ensure Vinayak’s victory. He forces Vinayak to practise. Vinayak believes that if he wins a race, he will ask Virat to accept Savi’s proposal.

Instead of tea, Jagtap drinks tea with his friends, recalls Sai handing him tea. Sai walks in and slaps him hard. Jagtap’s men become enraged. Jagtap stops them and asks Sai why she slapped her. Sai states that his father went to Chavan nivas and told him that Sai is having an affair with both Virat and Jagtap and has imprisoned Jagtap. She inquires if she has ever sought his assistance or allowed him to be near her.

Jagtap, surprised, says no and vows to confront his father and settle the air with the Chavans. Sai continues to vent her rage on him, warning him not to return to Chavans or try to meet her and Savi again. Vinayak is still encouraged by Virat. Vinayak becomes weary quickly and collapses, suffering from acute agony in his leg.

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