Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 31st October 2022 episode written update

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Vinayak collapses during running practise and informs Virat that he is unable to run and would disappoint Virat Sai. Virat observes his wounded knee and assists him in walking. Omkar provides three tickets for Kankauli and Gadchiroli, which he offers to Bhavani. Bhavani says she’ll let Sai and her kid go wherever they want; she’ll even buy them a third location ticket. She calls Pakhi and tells her that the entire family is leaving Nagpur to allow Virat and Pakhi to spend time together alone. She begs God to help Vinayak win a race soon. Vinayak transports an injured Vinayak. Sonali inquires as to if he fell anywhere. Virat agrees with the nod. Vinayak writhes in pain and promises that he will win the race at any cost in order to make Sai, Savi, and others proud of him. Pakhi becomes anxious and tells Sai she will check on Vinayak. Virat stops her and informs her that Vinu will not be seeing Sai.

Savi notices Sai crying and inquires as to why. Sai claims she didn’t get enough sleep, thus her eyes are puffy. Savi inquires as to why she is lying. Sai claims she does not lie, and that not answering a question does not imply she is lying. Savi claims she informed her Aaba she is her Aaba; she knows she stepped out of the rickshaw to cry. With her humour, she then makes her laugh. Virat attempts to treat Vinayak’s injury. Vinayak expresses a desire to be nursed alone by Sai. He can’t take him to just anyone, Virat, since he gets wounded when Vinayak is hurt. He uses antiseptic. Vinayak expresses his pain and requests Pakhi to explain Virat. Virat advises Vinayak to be strong and to believe his baba. Vinayak says he will seek guidance on fleeing Sai. Pakhi says he’ll pay Sai a visit when Virat brings him to training.

Virat informs Vinayak that he will not be seeing Sai. Pakhi says Vinayak’s race is in two days; how will he prepare? Virat claims that the top trainers at the police academy would train Vinayak, and that he himself was unable to complete police training until he used his willpower to do it. He inquires of Vinayak whether cadet Vinayak Chavan is available for training tomorrow at 5:15 a.m. Vinayak concurs. Pakhi asks Virat if she can talk to him alone, tells Vinayak to drink his milk and go to bed, and then takes Vinayak away. She inquires as to what is going through his head, since there are only two days till Vinayak’s race, and he cannot spoil Vinayak’s ambition due to his obstinacy, therefore she will take Vinayak to Sai for training tomorrow. Virat claims she will not do so because he has already met Sai and questioned her about her and Jagthap’s relationship, and he will never humiliate a woman, but Sai takes it badly and humiliates him mercilessly. He invites her to pay a visit to a woman who has insulted her husband.

Pakhi claims that Vinayak’s race is only two days away. Virat inquires if she does not trust him. She claims to do so. He says they must bear their own burdens and not rely on anyone, especially Sai; he does not want Sai to return to their life; Vinayak will understand what he means; he requires Pakhi’s assistance. Pakhi accepts and says they would train Vinayak together. Virat says he wanted to hear this from her because she did him a great favour by supporting her, and their Vinu will undoubtedly win. The next morning, Vinayak phones Savi and informs her that he would be unable to visit her home for training beginning today because his baba does not want him to be trained by Sai.  Savi believes this is incorrect. Vinayak claims that Baba wants him to attend a police academy. Savi becomes enthusiastic and asks if she can observe his training. Virat enters the room. Vinayak informs him that Savi has requested to see his training. Virat informs Savi that the location is far away and that she will be late. Savi says it’s fine; she’ll accompany them.

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