Guppedantha Manasu 21st October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Devayani telling Mahindra and Jagathi that they are Rishi’s biggest opponents, not her. She says that if there is no Gurudakshina issue, Vasudhara and Rishi may be together by now, and you don’t care about Rishi and live in your own world; if I tell Rishi this, your stay in the house doesn’t matter to Rishi, and Rishi may live quietly if you guys leave the house. She walks away, reminding them that they are getting selfish.

Mahindra informs Jagathi that they need to come up with a solution since he can’t take the ridiculing any longer. Vasudhara asks Rishi why he came on the trip. Rishi expresses an interest in meeting her. Vasudhara expresses her want to see him as well. He wonders why she has such faith in him. Vasudhara believes it is love. Rishi wonders what she will say if someone stops their automobile and inquires about their relationship. Vasudhara says she will inform them to contact you. Rishi asks her to explain their relationship. Vasudhara claims they are linked. Mahindra contacts Rishi and discovers that his phone has been turned off. He inquires of Jagathi as to why Rishi turned off his phone. He claims they must respond to Devayani. He inquires of Jagathi whether she pays attention to him. Jagathi observes.

Rishi and Vasudhara are sitting under a tree, their backs to each other. Rishi expresses his delight at meeting her. Vasudhara responds, “I know, that’s why I turned off our phones and kept them in the car because I don’t want any disruption between us.” Rishi is taken aback. Vasudhara collapses upon his lap. They are completely immersed in each other’s sight. Jagathi advises Mahindra to reconsider his decision. Mahindra claims that leaving the house will solve their troubles, so let’s go. He sees Rishi’s photo with him and says he’s not sure if he’s changing or fleeing. He snaps their picture and writes a note on the frame, which he keeps. They leave the house with heavy hearts. Devayani feels happy.

Rishi tells Vasudhara that she makes his life happier. Vasudhara reminds him that she came into his life as a result of Jagathi. He requests that she not involve others in their time together. Vasudhara remains silent. Rishi inquires as to why she is speaking less. Vasudhara expresses her pleasure at his remarks. She inquires as to why he had kept her name as Pogaru on his phone. Rishi claims it is a moniker given to her by his family since she is significant to him. Pogaru, he explains, means love, and it is mine. Vasudhara rests her head on his shoulder and expresses her joy. Rishi says that anyone he is closest to gets separated and that he hopes this does not happen to us.

Vasudhara closes his mouth and instructs him not to speak in that manner again. Rishi says I have two people: you and your father. He boasts that he and his father can’t live without seeing each other. He complains about how much he talks. Vasudhara says she enjoys whatever he says and that she constantly wishes him happiness. On the way, Mahindra tells Jagathi that he is carrying a heavy heart for leaving Rishi. Jagathi claims that they must face the agony in order for Rishi to be happy. Rishi tells Vasudhara that he is overjoyed and that he has gotten her a lovely gift. No, sir, she adds, you’re a beautiful present to me.

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