‘Hrithik Roshan is a force of Nature….’ Karan Johar praises Vikram Vedha

Vikram Vedha

Vikram Vedha, the most recent film from Pushkar-Gayathri, has received a review from Karan Johar. In the neo-noir action thriller, where the two actors portray arch rivals, the director showered Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan with accolades. On Friday, it had its theatrical debut.

He took Twitter to praise Hrithik Roshan and wrote, “Hrithik Roshan is a force of nature… from his sinister smile to his solid swag … he is the ultimate leading man of the mainstream movies…. His VEDHA is a lion , tiger and a panther all rolled into one!!!WOW!! #VikramVedha @iHrithik.”

In another post he praised Saif Ali Khan and wrote, “Saif Ali Khan pitches his performance brilliantly! The perfect balance of nuance and playing to the gallery! He plays VIKRAM with all the layers that the character commands with the ease of a veteran! Solid!!!!! #VikramVedha #Saifalikhan.”

Karan Johar took to Twitter to praise Vikram Vedha.
Karan Johar took to Twitter to praise Vikram Vedha.

The 2017 Tamil hit film Vikram Vedha by Pushkar-Gayathri has been translated into Hindi as Vikram Vedha. Saif takes the character of Vikram, which was initially played by R Madhavan, while Hrithik plays the role of gangster Vedha, which was originally performed by National Award winner Vijay Sethupathi. The Vikram-Betaal Indian folktale served as the basis for the action-packed crime thriller, which follows a tough police officer named Vikram (Saif) as he attempts to find and apprehend the tenacious gangster Vedha.

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