Imlie 16th October 2022 episode written update

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Atharva expresses his love for Chini and tells her, “I love you.” Imlie, along with Arpita and Rupali, visits the same temple and believes it is her first karva chauth fast; she is on a path of love, and God should protect her if she falls. She begs God to grant her and Atharva happiness. Chini acts as if she loves her and inquires about his marriage to Imlie. She admits she loves him and lies that she values Imlie’s happiness above her own and that she cannot steal her happiness and keep her in the dark. Atharva claims that they will reveal the truth to Imlie, and that if she loves Chini, she will understand their situation. Imlie wishes to bring happiness into Chini’s life. Chini claims that her family loves Imlie more than she does and that they will hate her if they find out she loves him; can he turn their hatred into love?

Atharva brings her to the havan kund and asks what he can do for her. She takes pheras with him around the havan kund and asks him if he can take on her responsibility and elevate her above his family and everyone else. Atharva refers to her hookline as the song’s most repeated and important line, stating that she is his responsibility and everything that follows. Imlie also practises parikrama and prays for the happiness of her and Atharva’s marriage. Aparna and Rupali tease Imlie about when her fiance will arrive. Imlie is shy. Panditji brings Imlie along for a ritual. Chini insists that Atharva fill her hairline with sindhoor to demonstrate his love for her. Atharva ponders why he believes he is doing something wrong by using sindhoor. When the bottle falls, Sindhoor falls on Imlie’s hairline, who is performing a ritual downstairs. Panditji informs Imlie that her pooja is finished because Seeta maiya blessed her. Imlie is overjoyed to see this.

Pihu becomes concerned when she notices Sindhoor collapsing. Atharva says it’s good because he can’t maintain a relationship with Chini while keeping Imlie in the dark, so he wants to tell Imlie the truth first. He calls Imlie and asks her to meet him at the temple’s backside. Imlie informs Arpita and Rupali of Atharva’s call and wonders why he appears tense. Atharva tells Chini that they should go now and tell Imlie the truth. Akash approaches them with Keya and asks Atharva why he is holding Chini’s hand despite knowing Rudra’s decision. Atharva claims that he and Chini are in love. Keya inquires, “Since when?” Chini claims they’ve been in love since the first time they saw each other but haven’t told their families.

Keya advises them to let Atharva follow his heart and not worry about Rudra’s wrath, as Rudra may kick him out of the house and deprive him of property rights. Atharva claims that whatever he earns will suffice to keep Chini happy. Chini becomes tense upon hearing this and wonders why she should marry Atharva without money. Keya observes her expression. Chini approaches them and inquires as to what they are doing with Atharva. When Keya says they came to see her celebrate her first karvachauth, Atharva is about to reveal the truth. Imlie is overjoyed and goes to inform Aparna and Rupali of their presence. Akash informs Keya that her concerns about Chini are valid.

Atharva questions Chini about why she didn’t tell Imlie the truth. Chini claims she didn’t want to hurt Imlie’s feelings after witnessing her excitement about Karvachauth riutal, and that her entire family would be heartbroken if she did. Atharva continues to press her to reveal the truth. Akash says they can reveal it after Karvachauth tomorrow. Imlie returns to her family and performs the Karvachauth ritual while looking at Atharva, who is looking at Chini.

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