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Imlie pleads Sundar and Arpita to allow her to spend time with Chini because she is getting married and leaving their home in a week. Arpita claims she is making them cry. Imlie says she has Atharva’s support now and feels shy when she looks at Atharva. Arpita claims she has truly fallen in love with Atharva. Atharva excuses himself and walks away, trailed by others. Chini mocks Rupali for failing to send her out of the house. When his car won’t start, Atharva vents his rage on it. Imlie intervenes to prevent him from injuring himself and asks if she can assist him. He angrily inquires as to whether she is a mechanic, then apologises and calms down. She orders him to exit the vehicle. He is correct. She sits in the driver’s seat and recites a poem to him about the importance of patience. She requests that he try now. He tries again, and the car starts. He claims it is a coincidence, not a miracle.

Imlie discusses the importance of having hope and looking on the bright side of life. He compliments her demeanour and inquires where she obtained the poem. She believes that only Sundar knows she is a poet and that she should keep it hidden for a while longer. She claims to have read it somewhere. Atharva believes she read it in Chini’s diary because Chini is a poet. He drives away in his car, promising to drive patiently as she advised. She is embarrassed. Keya tells Akash at the Rana house that Atharva is gradually losing Rudra’s trust and that Akash is becoming Rudra’s favourite. Akash claims that he is gradually gaining trust and that Rudra will force Atharva to marry Imlie. Keya claims that Rudra will soon transfer all of his property into Akash’s name. She notices Atharva and changes her tone, hoping that Atharva can marry Chini rather than Imlie and that they can persuade Rudra to do so. Atharva approaches them and declares that he is a fighter who would easily persuade Rudra. After he leaves, Akash declares that after seeing Atharva’s determination, he will marry Chini without a doubt. Keya claims that greedy Chini is only interested in Atharva’s money and will not easily marry Atharva; instead, they will ensure that Atharva marries only Imlie.

Rupali complains to Arpita about Atharva preventing Chini from leaving town. Arpita claims to have done it for Imlie. Sundar claims that Chini and Imlie care about each other. Rupali says she doesn’t want to separate them, but elders must sometimes take drastic measures to protect children. Sundar says he knows and tells her not to worry because he will handle any situation and make Imlie’s wedding memorable. Anu brainwashes Chini against Imlie, claiming that Chini has always had to bear injustice since childhood, and that Imlie is now stealing her ticket to a lavish life, Arto. Chini wonders what she should do. Anu suggests she replace Imlie in the mandap and marry Atharva because the Rathore family adores Imlie because Imlie is their blood and Chini is an outsider, which is why they were attempting to get her out of the house.

Imlie’s wedding preparations begin. Anu is still brainwashing Chini. Imlie touches Narmada’s feet in order to receive her blessings. Narmada walks away, enraged. Imlie is depressed and wishes her parents were still alive. Meethi walks in and says that even if her parents are no longer alive, her grandmother is. Chini and Imlie are overjoyed to see her and rush over to hug her. The song Abhi Mujhme Kahin Baaki Thodi Si Hai Zindagi is playing in the background. Meethi becomes emotional as she expresses her love for both of them.

Imlie says she expected Amma to arrive after Mehandi. Meethi claims that she is not a mehandi artist and has come to meet damadji/SIL Atharva. She inquires of Imlie whether she is content with Atharva. Chini shrinks. Meethi inquires of Chini about Atharva. Chini describes Atharva as extremely wealthy and sanskari. She believes Atharva is Meethi’s SIL, but he is also Chini’s husband. Next, Meethi meets Arpita and Sundar. Anu becomes enraged when she recalls that Meethi was her husband’s mistress. Meethi greets her, but Anu dismisses her, believing that she will show a servant her place. She crosses her legs and falls on Meethi. Meethi shoves Imlie Imlie, who is on the verge of falling when someone grabs her hand, leaving Anu frowning.

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