Imlie 19th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Imlie about to fall, but Chini saves her by holding her hand. Everyone is taken aback by this. Imlie hugs her and tells her she is the hero of her life. Sundar is overjoyed. Anu pulls Chini aside and asks why she saved Imlie when there was a perfect opportunity to devise a full-proof plan if she was hurt. Anu instructs Chini to think quickly. But, as Chini points out, it would be wrong to end Imlie’s life. Anu refers to her as innocent.

Chini thinks even Atharv’s family is planning against her. No one is on her side, she says Anu was right and now she will be two steps forward to make the plan. Rathores ask Atharv to sit beside Imlie without feeling shy. Atharv says he is in love and now he can go to any extent to get his love. Chini asks the cook what’s made for today. Chini suspects that Atharv’s family is plotting against her. Nobody is on her side, she claims Anu was correct, and she will now take two steps forward to implement the plan. Rathores asks Atharv to sit next to Imlie without hesitation. Atharv claims he is in love and will go to any length to obtain it. Chini inquires of the cook what is prepared for today.

Cook responds that she prepared Palak Paneer for Imlie. This is her favourite. Chini claims that everyone is only concerned about her wish. Imlie expresses her desire to perform a dance with Atharv. Everyone teases her, and she asks to hold Atharv’s hand. Atharv hesitates before raising his hand. Imlie imagines herself dancing with him to Adha Ishq.

Later, her dream comes to an end, and she dances to the song mehendi hai rachne wali. Rudra is hoping that Atharv will begin to fall for Imlie. Chini believes Imlie’s mehendi will be ruined. She dismisses the cook and grinds the spinach, which she replaces with mehendi in the bowl. She claims that spinach will not colour Imlie’s palm. Sundar summons her to the function. Chini keeps the bowl and believes Imlie deserves all happiness, but for the time being, she will be Rana’s daughter-in-law, not Imlie.

Meethi becomes emotional when she remembers Imlie and Aryan. Imlie waits for Chini to arrive before beginning her mehendi. Atharv pulls Chini aside and inquires as to why she did so. She becomes concerned that he might discover she replaced the mehendi with spinach. Imlie looks at her parents’ photo; some guests suggest that she spy on her husband because he is attractive and many girls are in love with him. Imlie compares himself to Krishna in her eyes. Chini inquires of Atharv whether anyone can see them this close. He claims he is not doing anything wrong. She also becomes romantic with him and asks him to stare for an extended period of time. Imlie smells the mehendi before the ritual and says it smells like roses.

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