Imlie 20th October 2022 episode written update

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Imlie smells rose water in the mehandi and remarks that Devika appears to be a big fan of rose perfume. Sundar claims Chini used rose water in her mehandi. Atharva romantically pins Chini to a wall. Chini claims that if he continues to behave in this manner, someone will observe them and his father will question them. Atharva says this while pulling a curtain rope. The curtain falls on them and everyone downstairs, destroying the music system. Ginni places the shagun mehandi bowl. Arpita becomes tense when she notices this. Atharva informs Chini that her sister is having mehandi done downstairs. Chini claims she is the sole owner of Atharva’s mehandi. Atharva wonders when she will reveal the truth to Imlie and everyone else, as he does not want to keep innocent Imlie in the dark. Chini begs him to give her some time because she does not want her family to kick her out. Atharva concurs.

Arpita promises to get another mehandi bowl. Narmada inquires if everyone is all right, noting that mehandi falling down is an abshagun. Anu asks what kind of mehandi function this is if there is no mehandi and no entertainment. Imlie says mehandi can be prepared again; until then, let us dance and entertain ourselves. She dances to the song Laungda Gawacha. Rudra is impressed by Imlie’s multifaceted personality and remarks that wherever this girl goes, she spreads happiness. Chini writes her name on Atharva’s hand and declares that now that she has entered his palm lines, no one can separate them. Imlie looks for Atharva. Chini departs, stating that she will be in trouble if anyone sees them.

Atharva takes Imlie’s hand behind a curtain, mistaking her for Chini, and invites her to his house tonight. Imlie becomes tense. Atharva asks if she is afraid to speak to him and pulls her towards him, only to be surprised to see Imlie instead. They both collapse to the ground, holding each other’s hands. Imlie’s hand is smeared with Atharva’s mehandi. They are noticed by Arpita and others. Atharva assists Imlie in standing up and inquires as to her well-being. Arpita says Imlie is fine in Atharva’s company and that Imlie is very lucky to have gotten mehandi from Atharva. Chini becomes envious when she sees her friend Mehandi being spoiled by Imlie yet again. Atharva departs.

Imlie believes Atharva has requested something for the first time, so she should go meet him at his house. She informs Sundar of Atharva’s invitation to visit his house tonight. Sundar yanks her legs and then agrees to assist. Atharva calls Chini and asks if she is ready to finish her challenge of going to his house tonight. Chini claims that most boys take a chance and meet girls. Atharva believes that because Chini is unique, she should accept this challenge. Keya and Akash lock Atharva’s room from the outside at night to prevent him from leaving the house to meet Chini. Imlie arrives at Rana’s house nervously, hoping Rudra doesn’t misinterpret her. She notices Atharva through the window of his room and signals him. To get out of the room, Atharva makes a rope out of bedsheets and throws it down. Imlie believes he threw it for her and climbs up using the rope.

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