Imlie 21st October 2022 episode written update

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Imlie moves up to Atharva’s room to greet him. When Atharva tries to escape the room by rope, he is surprised to discover Imlie sprinting through the same rope. Imlie sags. He grabs her and they both collapse to the ground. Atharva inquires as to her purpose for being here. She reminds him of his challenge to pay him a visit at his home at night. Atharva realises he challenged Chini, but Imlie overheard him. Imlie claims she was terrified to leave the house after 1 p.m., so she came to meet him at night today. Chini dials Atharva’s number. Imlie walks towards his phone. Atharva rushes over and grabs it. Chini says she’s waiting for him in his parking lot and wonders why he hasn’t come out yet. He claims Imlie is here because she misheard his challenge and that he had invited her. Chini complains that Imlie is constantly barging in.

Atharva says, “I love you,” and texts Chini. Imlie is embarrassed since he believes he is practising saying “I love you” to her. Chini is captivated by the luxury automobile collection in the parking lot and fantasises about how she will exploit each one. One of a car’s alarms begins to beep. The family becomes alarmed and wonders if a robber has barged in. Imlie and Atharva both believe a thief has barged in. Imlie says she’ll go see whether uncle and aunty are okay. Even in this position, Atharva is concerned about others, and she believes there will be a problem if his parents see them together. Imlie declares herself an idiot and attempts to flee via the balcony. Atharva asks if she may return from there. She declines. He tells him to think about how to get her out because the door is locked from the outside.

Atharva attempts but fails to open the door. Imlie asks for his card and slides a card through the door slit. He is impressed by her abilities and claims that he was attempting to assist her when she instead assisted him. Imlie extends her hand and adds that if they walk together, they will be able to overcome any problems that arise. He takes her hand in his and tries to take her out quietly. Shivani walks out and inquires about the noise. Imlie and Atharva are hiding. The song Kaise Chali Ye Hawa, Ishq Hua Re Hua… is playing in the background. They hide once more when they see other family members. When they hide behind a lamppost holding each other, Rudra is ready to catch them. Imlie recoils from his touch. The title theme from Serial is playing in the background.

Rupali discovers Imlie’s genuine shagun mehandi in the kitchen and understands that menhandi was purposely swapped with a spinach paste; she suspects Cheeni. Cheeni walks out of the parking lot, mumbling, “It’s all good.” Imlie didn’t notice him or she would have made a scene, but she would not allow her trump card, Atharva, slip from her grasp. Finally, Atharva and Imlie arrive at the parking lot. He promises to take her home before anyone notices them. Akash informs Rudra that there is no one nearby and that a cat must have jumped on the car. Cheeni returns home and informs Atharva that she has arrived. Rupali confronts her for replacing Imlie’s shagun mehandi with spinach paste and warns her not to meddle in Imlie’s life again. Chini instead blames Keya and Akash, claiming that she is concerned about Imlie and has gone in search of her. Atharva asks Chini what she wants to say on the way home. She is embarrassed.

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