Imlie 22nd October 2022 episode written update

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Chini informs Rupali that Imlie is her sister, not an enemy, and that is why she went in search of Imlie at midnight. Rupali inquires as to Imlie’s whereabouts if she is not at home. Chini says she has no idea. Arpita approaches them with Meethi and inquires if there is a problem. Rupali notifies Imlie that he has gone somewhere and expresses anxiety. Arpita dials Imlie’s number and discovers that it is not in service. Chini believes she was forced to employ Imlie to protect herself. Sundar brightens as he imagines Imlie has gone to see her saviour, Atharva. Arpita wonders why he is smiling instead of worrying about Imlie. Narmada overhears their chat and wonders where Imlie went at 2 a.m. in poor weather.

While dumping Imlie in his car, Atharva believes he wants to get her home as quickly as possible since she trusts him and came to meet him at night; he is betraying her by not exposing the truth because of Imlie; he has no idea what Chini has planned. Imlie thinks she can avert these occurrences. Atharva inquires whether he should pull over to a gas station if she needs to use the restroom. Imlie nods in agreement. He comes to a complete stop. Imlie is hoping that this moment will freeze. Narmada tells Meethi that senior Imlie used to leave the house because Araav trusted her so much, but junior Imlie is the polar opposite of the strong and brave senior Imlie, and she worries about who will marry Imlie if something goes wrong.

Chini recognises a chance to slander Imlie. She phones Rudra and inquires about Imlie’s presence. e wonders why Imlie would come there. She is concerned and claims Imlie is missing. Rudra becomes concerned as well and informs Devika and Shivani. Shivani asks why, if Chini leaves the house at midnight, Imlie would leave at this hour. When Keya hears this, she prays to God to send Imlie home safely because they can’t take Atharva’s property portion unless Atharva marries Imlie. Chini is relieved that Rudra is reconsidering his decision. She turns around to see Meethi standing there. Meethi inquires if there is any cause for alarm, since she is concerned about Imlie. Chini assures Imlie that nothing will happen to her.

Atharva alerts Imlie that the car’s petrol has almost gone. He phones someone to bring him petrol and discovers that he will need at least an hour. He notices the rain beginning and stands under a shelter while clutching Imlie’s hand. Imlie is embarrassed to see him holding her hand. Atharva notices this and removes her hand. Her necklace becomes entangled in his T-shirt. While Imlie appreciates his touch, he removes it with trepidation. In the background, a love tune is playing. Imlie’s family becomes more apprehensive as rain begins to fall. Chini also wishes Imlie well. Imlie runs into the rain and enjoys getting soaked. Atharva tries to put a halt to her. She splatters him with water. He appears upset at first, then welcomes the rain. He expresses gratitude to her for allowing him to enjoy the rain. She expresses her affections for him and says, “I love you,” with her eyes closed. He is dumbfounded. She spreads her hands and says again, “I love you, Atharva ji.”

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