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Chini extends her hand to apply haldi to Atharva when Imlie stops her. Chini wonders why she stopped her when she usually claims that the latter has the right to everything she owns. Imlie claims Atharva is not a thing but her life mate, and she will not share him or his gift with anyone. She says she’ll apply haldi on Atharva first, and then Chini can. She rubs haldi on Atharva’s cheek and congratulates him on the first hue of their love. Atharva also rubs haldi on her cheek. Chini gets jealous and goes away while his family smiles. Atharva runs to Chini, fearing she will attempt suicide again. He claims Imlie is too sensitive for him to handle. Chini says, “Let us enjoy our haldi,” and applies haldi from his hand to her cheek. Atharva believes it is incorrect. Chini says there is nothing wrong or right with love and that he should trust her and be ready to marry her tonight.

Atharva believes Imlie, her family, and his family would be deeply affected today; he is unsure how to tell Chini because he does not want Chini to commit suicide again. He begs God to allow the gun to speak to Imlie and expose the truth to her. Imlie approaches him and wipes his face with a towel. He asks if everything is well now. Imlie advises him to quit worrying so much. Atharva inquires as to how she knows he is tense. Someone informed Imlie. Atharva becomes agitated, believing Chini has divulged all to Imlie, and inquires, “Who?” Imlie prays to God and asks him to share all of his sorrows and concerns with her as they prepare to marry. When someone calls him, Atharva attempts to speak and walks away.

Akash and Keya prepare for the wedding, hoping that Atharva and Imlie’s marriage will take place today and that they will inherit Atharva’s money. Keya claims that if the greedy and wicked Chini marries Atharva, they will receive nothing. Akash declares that they will go to any length to ensure that Atharva marries Imlie today. Devika notices Shivani’s boring sari and tells her that they typically wear colourful saris to cheerful celebrations, therefore she would bring a bright sari for her. Shivani says she doesn’t feel like wearing a bright sari because she knows something is hurting Atharva. Imlie dresses up like a bride and composes a poem. She answers the phone and informs the news paper editor that she will give him the poem soon it is finished. Sundar approaches her and encourages her to focus on her marriage today rather than the poem. Arpita, Sundar, Rupali, and others cry when they view Imlie in her wedding gown and express their love for her and how much they will miss her.

Atharva dresses up as a groom and remembers Imlie proposing to her and Chini’s emotional blackmail, and they decide to replace Imlie and marry him. Rudra approaches him and compliments him on his appearance. Atharva wonders what the rationale is in getting baraat to their own house if marriage is in their house. Rudra claims that everything is based on ritual rather than rationality. He portrays Imlie as holy and perfect for him, and how she would be his ideal life partner. Meethi also tells Imlie how great Atharva is for her and soothes her nerves. Imlie glances out the window at Baraat. Chini approaches Imlie and asks if she wants to watch baraat. Imlie claims her aunt instructed her to keep an eye on Baraat while he was hiding. Chini implies that Imlie may not make it to Mandap. She says she’ll grab her make-up and secretly prepares some medicine to knock Imlie out and replace her.

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