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Chini performs Imlie and Atharva’s gatbandhan, including tying her dupatta in gatbandhan. She believes that a fortune in Imlie’s fate will soon be hers, therefore she has linked her own fate to Imlie’s. Panditji requests that the bride and groom stand for the varmala procedure and explains how to perform pheras. Imlie stops Atharva just before pheras begin, observing Chini’s dupatta knotted with gatbandhan. Divya informs Manish that Imlie is behaving strangely these days. Atharva inquires of Imlie about the current issue.

Imlie claims that Chini’s dupatta became entangled in gatbandhan by accident. Imlie apologises and begs Imlie to continue pheras with dupatta in since opening gatbandhan is unlucky. Imlie teaches the importance of relationships and gatbandhan before untying Chini and Atharva’s gathbandhan. Chini is enraged. Imlie explains how she will do whatever she can to keep her and Atharva’s relationship strong. The pheras of Imlie and Atharva begin. After four pheras, Panditji stops them and says that the bride will now step forward, and that the groom will take an oath in the fifth phera to be loyal to his wife and to always support her regardless of the consequences. Pheras is performed by Atharva behind Imlie. Chini believes that no matter what promises Imlie makes, Atharva would always obey Chini.

Panditji says , in the sixth and seventh pheras, the bride and groom will swear to always protect each other and not allow anyone to come between them. Imlie swears a pledge to Atharva that she would always be an equal partner and will never abandon him. Atharva believes that God manipulated his fate because he desired Chini to be his life partner and that only Chini will be in his heart forever. Chini believes Arto will never accept Imlie as his wife, just as Rathores never accepted her as Chini Rathore, and she intends to teach Imlie what a second-hand life is like.

Panditji instructs the husband to secure the mangalsutra around the bride’s neck. Atharva selects a mangalsutra and stares at Chini before placing it around Imlie’s neck and applying sindhoor on her hairline. Imlie bursts into tears. Panditji congratulates them on the completion of their wedding and the fact that they are now husband and wife; they can ask their elder’s blessings for a happy married life. Imlie and Atharva accept the blessings of the elder. Anu informs Chini that Imlie has finally won and married Atharva. Chini claims she let Imlie marry Atharva so she could steal him her entire life and make him dance to her music.

Manish realises Divya is upset and inquires as to why. She claims Imlie appears inauspicious, and that much inauspiciousness occurred prior to Imlie’s wedding; she fears for her and her family’s lives if Imlie visits their home. Devika believes Imlie is auspicious and destined for Atharva because their kundalis match. The bidayi/farewell ceremony of Imlie begins. Each family member pours their hearts out, professing their love for Imlie and pleading with Atharva to look after her. Narmada ultimately breaks down and embraces Imlie as her daughter-in-law ahead of her bidayi. Atharva is reminded of Chini and goes to see her. Chini believes she must accomplish something that only she can do in Arto’s heart, even in the presence of Imlie. She accepts Imlie’s poem and says she is ready for Arto because Imlie always helps her. Arto enters and states that he is not yet prepared.

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