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Chini believes she must do something to ensure that she permanently cements her place in Arto’s heart and traps him forever. She notices Imlie’s poem and grabs it, thinking Arto enjoys such times and that she is now ready for Arto. Atharva arrives, stating that he is not prepared and that he will not let Imlie win. Chini says she understands how much he is giving for him, and she has always wished to spend her life with him and his family. She hands Imlie’s poetry across, saying she hopes he finds comfort reading it like she did when writing it.

Atharva is reading a poem. Chini says whatever is occurring is difficult for her, but he should remember that she just loves him. Artharva says he knows because he had pheras with Imlie, but he considers Chini to be his wife because she is his poetess and genuine love. Chini wonders which poetess he is referring to. Akash summons Atharva for the bidayi rite. Atharva departs. Chini believes it should have been her bidayi, but Imlie took over; she will not allow Imlie to take away Atharva if she is unable to obtain Atharva.

Imlie’s bidayi begins the following morning. Narmada hugs Imlie and asks Ranas to look after her. Devika and Rudra promise to look after Imlie as if she were their own daughter. Keya declares that the Rana family is now Imlie’s family. Imlie says her world used to be contained to her house and the road leading to it, but now that she has a large family, she wants to move forward with everyone’s love and support. Atharva‚Äôs cousin says bhabhi changed a meaning of bidayi. Rudra promises that Imlie will perform graha pravesh with everyone’s help and love. Chini enters and states that she is unable to do graha pravesh. Rupali tells Chini to stop acting like a child and that Chini is emotionally linked to Imlie. Chini claims Imlie won’t be able to enter without her wedding gift. Imlie inquires about the gift she wishes to give. Chini presents Radha Krishna ji idol after some emotional discourse.

Anu mocks that Radha was Krishna’s love and Rukmini was Krishna’s wife, similar to Imlie’s Arto’s wife, and wonders how she will gift it when a husband does not love his wife at all. Chini apologises and says she thought it was a nice present. Imlie describes it as the best gift in the world and explains to Anu that Radha and Rukmin are two different types of love. Sure, says Anu, frowning. Imlie should have taught Hindi, claims Atharva’s cousin. Imlie claims Radha and Rukmini were separate names, although they were the same for Krishna. Devika addresses Imlie as Atharva’s Radha urf Rukmini and inquires if they can now do graha pravesh. Yes, maa, says Imlie. Narmada claims they stayed since Devika requested it and will leave soon. Imlie embraces Chini. Chini advises her to look after herself.

Devika performs graha pravesh for Imlie and Atharva. Imlie kicks the rice bowl and walks in, stepping on a puddle of red water. Keya greets her. Imlie enters the room with everyone else. Akash assures Keya that they will soon receive all of the wealth. Chini examines Imlie’s footprints. Anu pushes her to do rituals because her new life began today. Chini follows Imlie’s footprints and declares that while she has previously shared 50% of all she has with Imlie, she will now share Imlie’s married life; Imlie left footprints on the floor, but she will leave her footprints in Imlie’s married life. She becomes anxious as she notices Rudra standing there.

Rudra says he had no idea she loved Imlie so much, and that she doesn’t want to go home. Anu intervenes, stating that both sisters have done everything together since childhood. Rudra believes Chini simply followed Imlie’s tracks; even now, Chini is attempting to follow Imlie’s footprints; at the very least, she should pause and change her route because she can no longer follow the Rana family’s bahu from now on. She advises her to go home and count the money; it is preferable if visitors depart after the party is over, or they will be kicked out. Anu brings Chini along.

The ring-finding ceremony of Imlie and Atharva begins. Manish and Divya discuss their love story and ask Atharva to locate the ring and present it to Imlie. Atharva and Imlie begin their search for the ring. Chini decides to control Atharva at whatever cost while travelling home. Anu inquires if she is taking her advise. Chini nods in agreement. Anu requests that we see Imlie’s destruction. Shagun’s milk becomes black, and the family becomes uncomfortable. Chini claims Imlie can’t do anything till Arto is under her power. Divya taunts Imlie not to feel miserable because she can’t change her fate. Atharva claims they are in 2022 and still believe in shagun and abshagun, despite the fact that marriage has already ended and there is no greater abshagun than this.

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