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Atharva claims that the entire world is living in 2022, but his family members still believe in superstitions; shagun or abshagun doesn’t matter because the wedding has already occurred. Imlie finds a black ink stain on his hand and claims the milk has turned black as a result. She wipes it clean and declares that Abshagun is now free. Devika informs Divya that the issue was with Atharva, which Imlie resolved. She blesses Imlie and requests that the game be restarted. Imlie wins the game after discovering a ring in a milk dish. Imlie’s cousins congratulate him. Atharva refuses to take part in the second round of the ritual.

Rudra pulls him aside and sends him back. Cousin requests that Atharva win this time. Atharva discovers the ring and says, “Let us finish the rite.” Ginny claims that this is the final round, and whomever discovers the ring will win and rule over the partner for the rest of their lives. Atharva and Imlie discover the ring together. Cousin claims that if both win, they will be equal. Atharva storms out, kicking a milk bowl. Shivani remarks to Devika that Atharva does not appear to be content with his marriage. Divya speculates that Atharva is looking forward to suhagraat.

Rathores are unhappy after Imlie’s bidayi and miss her when Chini enters with Anu and eagerly announces that they would no longer prepare Imlie’s favourite dishes from now on and will move Imlie’s belongings from the room because she wants to enjoy a free room now. Rupali becomes enraged and confronts her about her sister crying after her sister’s bidayi, while Chini is celebrating. Chini claims Imlie has simply left the house and is not dead. Rupali becomes enraged and attempts to slap her but is stopped. Chini plays emotional drama, claiming she didn’t cry during Imlie’s bidayi because she didn’t want Imlie to be sad, so she let her pretend as if she was laughing and walks away acting as if she was crying even more. Her family is overcome with sadness as they witness her crocodile tears.

Divya, Ginni, and Keya take Imlie to Atharva’s room, taunting her that Atharva is crazy about music, but he’ll be crazy with Imlie after tonight. Atharva enters and asks them to leave. They all smirk at Imlie as they go away. When Atharva unlocks the cupboard, the garments fall out. Imlie reaches out to pick them up. Atharva stops her and tells her that she is not his baby sister, but his wife, and that he should let himself do his business. He clutches Imlie’s shoulder. Imlie is shy. He motions for her to step aside and walks away. Chini is ecstatic after tricking everyone. Anu lavishes her with attention and tells her that she has shown she is Malini’s daughter. Chini claims she has a lot of money and would no longer stay with Imlie bhakts. Anu says she is welcome to stay at her home. Chini claims she will take over Imlie’s life from there. She asks whether they can count money now and discovers that the money bag is missing.

Rupali enters and inquires if anything has been misplaced, recalling picking up money and jewellery bags. Chini inquires about her baggage. Rupali claims it belongs to Imlie, so she handed it to Sundar, who has probably returned to Imlie by now. She claims Chini has been stealing Imlie’s rights since childhood and should cease at this point. Chini panics, damages things, and declares that Imlie’s suhagraat will become her nightmare. Anu tries to stop her, thinking she has no idea what this girl will do. Imlie waits for Atharva on a bed. If Atharva can’t see Imlie’s face, how can he share a room with her? He is ready to come into the room when Chini beckons him, and he walks away, thinking that only Chini understands how lonely he is.

Rudra and Devika watch him and wonder where he is going; he should be with Imlie right now. Atharva claims to be heading to his car to get something. Rudra confronts him, claiming that he married Imlie on his wish. Atharva claims he saw his yes, but didn’t realise anyone else might be in his life. Rudra claims he doesn’t know the truth about Chini and tells him to return to Imlie. Imlie is anxious about how she will interact with Atharva and practises chatting to him. Atharva walks in. She collides with him, and they both collapse. She is embarrassed to see him holding her and looks into his eyes.

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