Imlie 4th October 2022 episode written update

A scene from Imlie serial

Chini wishes to marry wealthy Atharva. She overhears the Ranas’ talk. Atharva becomes adamant about meeting Imlie and clarifying his concerns. He goes away when his family fails to stop him. Rudra is told by a relative that he should have controlled Athrav before making the engagement news. Akash tells Rudra not to worry since he will go speak with Atharva. Keya discovers Chini spying on Rana and tells her it’s terrible to listen in on someone’s discussion. Chini feels better than Ranas, who has been hiding in a room for 20 minutes. Keya becomes enraged and informs Akash that his brother wishes to toss this haughty girl over their heads. Akash tells her to calm down since Rudra will do anything to get Atharva married to Imlie, and it is simple to manipulate Imlie.

Atharva walks down the corridor, believing it is better to leave his house than to bear all the slander; he wants to ensure that Chini also loves him and would accompany him; he will first inform Imlie of the truth. Imlie discovers the puja flowers on fire and, groaning in misery, sets fire to them with her bare hands. The Rathore family rushes over to her and inquires about her well-being. Imlie, hiding her hand, claims there was a tiny fire caused by a lamp, but she was able to contain her. She invites them to aarti and sings aarti. The Rana family hears her aarti and comes to join her. Atharva approaches Imlie to speak with her, but seeing his family there, he informs her that he cannot marry her since he loves Chini and thought his father had established an arrangement with Chini instead, he cannot harm Imlie’s life and therefore breaks this partnership. He asks her to tell Chini about his sentiments and that if she likes him, she should wear a yellow sari and marry him. Imlie completes aarti and picks up the phone, hearing a message beep. Rudra calls her, and she hangs up the phone to show him aarti.

Rudra places a sari box near the temple and walks away silently, praying to God to help him. Chini notices this. Narmada informs Rudra that Imlie performed aarti out of anxiousness and inquires as to why the engagement is being postponed. Rudra tries to talk as they hear the servant throwing food on Imlie and apologising. Imlie apologises in detail. Rudra hopes Imlie forgives him and his son in this way. Chini selects Atharva’s present box and believes Atharva has fallen in love with Imlie, but she refuses to let Imlie marry Atharva. She throws Imlie’s phone in a water pot and walks away with a present box. Narmada inquires of Rudra as to why he is postponing their engagement. Rudra claims that when he chose Imlie for his kid, he was certain that Imlie was the one, but.. Atharva approaches them. Cousin says bhaiya arrived, and after bhabhi arrives after changing her attire, they may start the engagement process.

Atharva imagines Chini wearing a yellow sari and walking down the steps, but it is Imlie who does so. Just suddenly, the power goes out, and he can’t see her face. Rudra suggests that we complete the engagement process before the muhurat ends. Atharva’s cousin claims he is enjoying a fairytale-style mobile torch engagement. Atgharva places the ring on Imlie’s finger. Rudra and Devika are relieved that God hears their prayers. Imlie places the ring on Atharva’s finger. When the light focuses on Imlie’s face, Athrav is taken aback. Power has returned. Keya recalls taking Chini’s sari box and giving it to Imlie. Following the ritual, everyone claps. Imlie is blessed by Rudra and Devika. Chini inquires about Atharva’s well-being. According to Rudra and Devika, Atharva is overjoyed that he has a cute and mature female like Imlie. Devika brings Imlie to meet the guests. Rudra instructs Atharva to grin and respond to Imlie. He drags him alongside Imlie. Shivani remarks that Atharva and Imlie’s jodi resembles Shiv Parvati’s jodi, and that they should both learn that whether god or human jodi, it is strong with only love.

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