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Imlie expresses gratitude to Chini for bringing Atharva’s first gift for her. She hugs Chini and tells Rupali how fortunate her sister is for her. Rupali requests that she examine Atharva’s present in a mirror and display it to Bandar/Sundar Phupha and Arpita Mausi. Imlie walks away. Chini questions Rupali about why she gave Imlie her jewellery. Rupali claims it is Imlie’s. Chini claims Atharva used it as a bribe to inform Imlie that he wanted to end their engagement. Rupali tells her to quit being jealous of Imlie and attempting to destroy her alliance; if Atharva had said so, she would have notified them last night; she should accept that Imlie is destined to marry Atharva and stop interfering now and prepare to meet Jatin. Chini believes Atharva burdened her with too much duty.

Devika and Rudra discuss how quickly children grow up. Rudra claims that he and his children used to play cricket as a team; Atharva picked a different road, but Akash chose the wrong path, and after he married Keya, Akash grew more devious and greedy. He believes Atharva would soon understand Imlie is the love of his life, as he imagines Devika in Imlie, who has always supported him in good and bad times. Devika wonders if he is praising her or his DIL; she, too, believes Imlie is the finest choice for Atharva. Rudra claims that Atharva is still supporting Chini, who is not the best choice for him, and that he would realise this one day.

Imlie assists Chini in choosing a dress and requests that the vendor show her red outfits. The vendor claims he mistook Imlie’s marriage for his own. Imlie muses, “Who knows, there must be two weddings in the same mandap,” and Chini finds her ideal life mate in Atharva. Chini, who addresses her as Mr Shutlik, claims it took a lot of effort. Arpita informs Sundar that Narmada has left for pilgrimage in order to ask God not to cause any problems during Imlie’s bidayi. Sundar claims Narmada wants to get rid of Imlie, but Imlie is concerned about her family’s happiness, and she is currently choosing a dress for Chini rather than herself. He expresses concern after hearing Rudra and hopes Chini does not cause an issue for Imlie. Arpita believes that not all children are the same, and that perhaps Chini will like Jatin and quit interfering in Imlie’s life.

Chini rejects Imlie’s dresses and, after looking at the necklace, decides that Arto’s pick is the best. Imlie believes she is referring to her and suggests that we check the jewels now. Chini remarks that Atharva’s gited necklace is more lovely, and that perhaps Atharva gave it to her rather than Imlie, before joking that she is joking. Imlie decides to thank Atharva for his gift and messages him. Atharva believes Chini texted him. Chini snatches Imlie’s phone and texts him to meet him in the Dussehra mela at 4 p.m. Atharva is overjoyed and impatiently awaits 4 p.m. Keya overhears him and believes that if he sees Chini and clears up the confusion, her plan would fail. Atharva’s chacha and chachi choose dresses to gift to Imlie and discuss whether Atharva will actually marry Imlie. Atharva departs from home.

Rahtore go to the Dussehra mela to see Jatin and his family. Imlie holds Chini’s hand tightly, seeing the crowd, and pleads Chini not to let go. Chini leads Imlie to a stall before quietly fleeing to meet Atharva. Imlie becomes terrified when she realises she is alone. Sundar and his friends Arpita and Rupali meet Jatin and his family. Jatin respectfully touches their feet and takes them to tea. Keya goes over to Akash and informs him of a major concern. Akash, who is on the phone working on a pathetic business deal, asks her to wait. Jatin’s mother informs Rupali that Jatin has fallen in love with Chini and requests that she contact Chini. Arpita claims Chini and Imlie are nearby. Imlie becomes terrified when he sees a crowd. Atharva arrives at Mela and looks for Chini. Chini climbs a bench after her phone signal goes off. Atharva discovers his hookline Chini and decides to call her.

Jatin’s mother instructs Arpita to contact Chini and Imlie. Sundar says they must be busy shopping at stalls, but she need not be concerned because they will arrive shortly. Jatin says his mother would be worried till they return, so he will go get them. Rupali is sceptical that Chini would have left Imlie alone amid the crowd. When Imlie tries to call Rupali, she discovers that her phone signal is down. She spots a few children playing with firecrackers and takes a seat beneath Ravan’s effigy.

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