Karthika Deepam 21st October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Inspector questioning Karthik who Deepa is under threat from. Karthik questions Mounitha about who attacked Deepa. Mounitha becomes concerned when she sees Karthik. Karthik tells Mounitha that they attacked during the night, so we didn’t see them. Karthik informs the Inspector that they have no idea who attacked Deepa. When we go fishing for information from the Goons, Inspector says they have a list of them. Then something could happen. From there, the cops depart.

Durga expresses gratitude to Karthik for saving him. Deepa also thanked Karthik for asking Deepa’s security. Deepa and Mounitha then leave. Mounitha confronts Karthik about why he saved Durga. Karthik tells Mounitha that if the police take Durga away, he may use her name in interrogation, which is why he claims to have saved Durga. Mounitha then questions why he requested security for Deepa. Karthik also gives a rationale, stating that it is for her.

Mounitha is concerned by Karthik’s actions since she does not comprehend it. Durga performs puja for Karthik’s photograph. Mounitha approaches Durga and inquires if he is insane. Durga claims he is performing Pooja for Karthik because Karthik protected him. Durga invites Mounitha to join her. Mounitha tells Durga that she made a mistake by calling the cops and that she should have killed him herself.

Durga says she is unable to do so. Durga warns Mounitha that Karthik is no longer in her care and that if Karthik doesn’t like him, he should not have saved him. Durga tells Mounitha that Karthik is convinced that something is going on between them, which is why he saved him. Durga also reminds Mounitha that Karthik has a crush on Deepa. Hearing this, Mounitha becomes enraged and departs. Deepa and Doctor discuss how Karthik rescued Durga from the cops. Deepa tells Doctor Karthik that she has changed a much. They discuss Karthik’s new behaviour.

A maid calls Mounitha and informs her that she discovered this tablet under the sofa and that Karthik may not be wearing it. Mounitha becomes concerned as she wonders if Karthik understands the purpose of this drug. Mounitha considers Karthik’s altered behaviour since Durga arrived at the house. Mounitha phones Karthik but receives no response. Mounitha phones Siva and inquires about Karthik’s whereabouts. Siva informs Mounitha that Karthik may have left the house. Mounitha goes to Deepa’s house in search of Karthik.

Karthik looks for Sourya and wonders where she is. While walking, Sourya and Indrudu converse. Sourya expresses a desire to go to Mounitha’s residence and assault her. Indrudu persuades her not to go, claiming that if Mounitha’s attention is drawn to her, they won’t be able to discover what Mounitha is hiding. Sourya concurs. Indrudu and Sourya discuss Chandramma. Sourya laughs as he speaks about her. Karthik is hunting for Sourya after hearing her giggle, but he can’t find her. Karthik becomes dissatisfied with his circumstances and plans to expel Mounitha and tell Deepa the truth.

Mounitha arrives at Deepa’s place and inquires about Karthik. Deepa tells Mounitha, “Karthik isn’t here, but you thought he was, and you came here, so that’s my win.” Deepa advises Mounitha to leave Karthik and leave. Mounitha tells Deepa, “Just because they have been together for a while, Karthik will not be hers.” Deepa questions Mounitha, wondering what she has gained by doing all of this. Mounitha tells Deepa that whatever she did was for Karthik and that she has Karthik. Deepa inquires about Karthik’s whereabouts. Deepa tells Mounitha that if she goes to Karthik’s parents and tells them Karthik is hers when Karthik is with her, she will admit Karthik is hers. Mounitha believes the time will come soon. Deepa makes fun of Mounitha by phoning Karthik and asks if he heard all she said. Mounitha tries to conceal her tracks, believing Karthik has heard everything. Deepa chuckles as she sees Mounitha. Mounitha realises she has been played.

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