Kumkum Bhagya 10th October 2022 episode written update

A scene from Kumkum Bhagya serial

The episode begins with Aryan considering his alternatives, fearful of Ranbir. He runs into Shahana. Shahana and Aryan confront each other about their collision. Shahana requests that he say S O RRY. She claims it’s fine. Aryan wonders why she made him apologise. According to Shahana, I had to twist your finger to get you to apologise. He collides with a girl and apologises. She also apologises. Aryan smiles and waves goodbye. That, according to Shahana, is why I am upset with his cheap behaviour. Aryan inquires as to why you are envious. This, according to Shahana, is irritated jealousy. Aryan says, “I expected you’d thank me, but you didn’t,” which is awful. Shahana claims that she knows how to deal with such people. Aryan describes the girl as having a double standard. Shahana inquires, “Why did you say that?” Aryan remains silent. Sid says, “I heard,” and instructs him to treat women with respect. Aryan responds, “First, teach me how to talk to people like you,” and that he does not consider you human. Shahana believes that enough is enough. Sid, according to Aryan, did not consider anyone but himself. He claims you’re mispronouncing my name. Sid had had enough. Aryan claims that my sister’s house is being destroyed. He claims you don’t have a sibling and only have a step-sister. Shahana declares that she would not remain silent and informs Aryan that Sid is doing so much for his step-sister. She claims that Aaliya and Rhea kidnapped his sister and threatened him by referring to Prachi’s baby as his. She claims that if Sid does not do this, they will have her killed. Rhea, Ranbir, and Prachi are aware of her presence. No, Rhea says. She threatens Sid, saying that now that you’ve revealed me, I’ll ruin your life. She makes a phone call and orders goon to murder Mihika. Shahana claims it is my responsibility and that I should not have done this. It turns out that it was all in her head.

Ranbir inquires of Doctor and Rhea about the exposure. Prachi thinks Doctor would want to tell Rhea she doesn’t want a kid, but she knows I won’t let her. She requests that Doctor say anything. According to the doctor, I was implying that Rhea’s pregnancy was complicated. Prachi inquires, “What?” Doctor advises I should wait till the test is completed before saying anything. She questions why she should give tension without assurance. She invites Rhea to the check-up. Rhea chooses Madhurima. Ranbir asks Prachi why she is upset and goes to bring her some water. Prachi notices a message on Rhea’s phone and takes down the number.

Ranbir brings water and makes her a drink. Shahana inquires of Aryan, “What did you say?” He claims you apologised. Shahana said you were smiling and conversing while seeing the girl. Stop it, yaar, and let’s go, says Sid. Shahana, according to Aryan, is not your yaar. Shahana refers to him as my yaar. Aryan threatens her with a smack and tells her to keep away from him. Sid, he claims, is worse than the snake. Shahana claims that if I tell you that your mother is the source of all the trouble, you will stop talking to her. Aryan inquires, “What did you say?”

Rhea expresses gratitude to Madhurima and hugs her. She describes how I was chatting to you and you shown how good your heart is; I didn’t show you humanity, but you showed me friendship. Madhurima displays the phoney tummy cushion. Rhea doubts her once more, saying, “My head is unsure, but my heart is true.” Madhurima comments on how you interact with others. Rhea expresses herself nicely. Prachi promises to give her a false stomach and encourages her to hold out until tomorrow.

Ranbir asks Prachi if she felt repentant for her smile. Prachi recalls writing down the number and replies, “No.” Ranbir claims you fumbled while saying no, which is why I understood. He inquires as to how many toffees you have stolen. Prachi says five. Ranbir says I’ll steal ten. Madhurima requests that Ranbir look for Rhea as her spouse. Ranbir leaves, saying, “I’ll keep her away from stress.” Rhea grins at Madhurima and walks away.

Aryan asks  Shahana as to what his mother has done. He demands an explanation for what she has done, which I do not know. Okay, listen, says Shahana. Sid gets up from his chair and requests Shahana not to fight Aryan. Shahana forces him to sit in the chair once more. Aryan and Shahana argue once more. Ranbir and Prachi arrive and inquire as to what transpired. Aryan says I should go. Rhea arrives and informs Ranbir that the doctor has ordered him to look after her. She inquires of Sid as to what transpired. Shahana says we’ve come to see Sid. Sid requests that Shahana take him from there. Shahana places him in a wheelchair. Prachi dials the number and introduces herself as Rhea’s assistant, asking whether the massaged times have changed. The lady on call confirms that the times are the same. Prachi then inquires about the appointment of Aaliya Khanna. The lady says we only have one booking for Rhea, for deep tissue massage. Prachi thanks her and hangs up the phone. Ranbir gets into the car and places his water bottle in the back seat, assuming Prachi will join him. Rhea arrives and sits in the car. She expresses her gratitude that he came running for her in the hospital. She says she feels wonderful and at ease having him look after her.

She says, “I know you’re sorry for your behaviour,” and that you didn’t need to say anything because she can feel his sorrow. She recalls a college student named Ranbir and claims to be lost in his thoughts. Ranbir climbs down and dials Prachi’s number. Prachi inquires, “What?” Ranbir phones Aryan and requests that he drive his automobile. Aryan inquires as to who will drive my car. Ranbir says I’ll contact the driver. Shahana and Sid are also passengers in the automobile. Ranbir informs Prachi that he will be her driver. Rhea becomes agitated. Shahana descends and joins Ranbir and Prachi. Rhea becomes agitated.

She receives a call from the Spa, who inquires as to when she will arrive for the massage. Rhea says she won’t be able to make it today and that she didn’t confirm the appointment. The spa lady said her assistant called and verified. Rhea is concerned.