Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2022 episode written update

A scene from Kumkum Bhagya serial

The episode begins with Ranbir driving the car and staring at Prachi. He approaches Shahana, who is seated next to the driver’s seat. Pra, says Shahana… Yamraj’s younger sister, says Ranbir. Shahana requests that he not include her in his fights. Prachi claims that you are always bothered by my appearance, speech, gait, and demeanour. She claims I know nothing since only your Rhea knows everything because she has swag, brains, attitude, and attractiveness. She requests that he force her to sit on his head. She adds your statement was unique in that you claimed I looked bad. Shahana tells Ranbir to unwind. Ranbir comes to a complete stop. Prachi predicts that you will immediately request that I get out of the car. She says she has self-respect and gets out of the car. Ranbir follows her. Shahana believes they will fight on the road. Ranbir requests that Prachi listen to him and inquires as to who has commended her. Prachi claims that everyone complimented her on her appearance on her wedding day. Ranbir claims that everyone lied. Prachi tells him he can’t lie and urges him not to speak to her. Ranbir compliments her on looking like a princess and urges her to ask Aryan. He says your saree was fine, but it looked great on you. He claims that when you wore your necklace, it became worth a million dollars. He claims that if you misinterpret me, you don’t comprehend me.

Prachi inquires as to why you did not say it. Ranbir argues that few things should be felt rather than uttered, and that if you are not feeling it, it is your fault. Because of the strong wind, something appears in his eyes. Prachi begins to walk. Ranbir gets into the car and starts it. He complains to Shahana about his sister’s constant rage. He comes to a halt and motions for Prachi to take a seat. Prachi declines. Ranbir tells her that he can’t drive that slowly and begs her to sit, calling her yaar. Prachi insists on not being addressed as yaar. Ranbir exits the car and begins walking with Prachi. Prachi responds, “I’m not going to walk with you.” Ranbir takes her up and adds, “I’m taking your doli to your wedding.” Prachi is forced to sit in the car by him. Prachi declares that she will file a complaint against him. Ranbir claims to have installed a child lock for children like her. Shahana believes you did the right thing.

Dida approaches Priya and asks if she requires her assistance. Priya claims he is the same person that attempted to plunder them. Dida claims that everything he has done is for you and that he has battled alongside you. Ranbir, Prachi, and Shahana have returned home. Ranbir informs Dida that Prachi was throwing tantrums, but he forced her to sit in his car, and she is now enraged. Dida requests that Priya see the love. Prachi claims that there is no love. Dida informs Prachi that she is in charge of Priya’s love tale. She requests that Priya observe Prachi’s rage toward Ranbir. Prachi claims to have installed a kid lock. Dida is overjoyed and tells Priya that this is love, and that Prachi is acting like her. She claims that your boyfriend did it for your self-esteem and that everything Ranbir did was for Prachi’s safety. Priya claims I couldn’t understand and had decided to split up with Rahul. She claims that I didn’t notice his intention, but rather his behaviour. She expresses gratitude to Dida for mentoring her. Dida is thanked by Shahana for rescuing Priya’s love tale.

Prachi is on her way to her room. Ranbir tells her to go. Prachi inquires as to what he desires. He begs her not to become irritated. Prachi claims she must avoid him for this reason. Priya tells her that Pallavi has called. Prachi enters her room. Pallavi has already arrived and invites her to sit.

She claims that this clothing is for you. When should you wear it, according to Prachi? Pallavi says your mehendi ceremony is tomorrow, and you will wear it then, followed by Diwali and your wedding. Prachi becomes depressed. Ranbir overhears and becomes unhappy as well.

He enters the room and notices Aryan. Aryan claims that once Rhea and Sid left, he converted his automobile into a chopper and returned home. He inquires as to what transpired. Ranbir asks, “Will you call Prachi your sister if I say so?” Aryan inquires. Ranbir claims that he is getting married. He claims that, exactly as I predicted, everyone is supporting Sid’s marriage. He claims that if Prachi obtains Sid’s mehendi, what would happen to him? Aryan whispers something into his ear. Is Ranbir right when he thinks I can’t do it? He then promises to do it.

Prachi enters the room and informs Shahana that Pallavi is serious about getting married. She tells me what will happen if she finds out I don’t want to marry Sid. Shahana is overjoyed that you still love her son and are carrying his child. Prachi promises that they will gather evidence against Rhea. Rhea enters the spa to receive her treatment. Prachi and Shahana arrive and inquire about Rhea. The receptionist confirms her presence. Rhea is on her way there. Prachi and Shahana notice Rhea leaving. Prachi is certain now. Rhea enters the house. She turns around and notices someone. Prachi and Shahana enter and notice Aaliya standing there. Aaliya inquires as to why Prachi came for massage throughout her pregnancy. Shahana says she’s come for a massage and then leaves. Aaliya hands over the cash to the lady. Rhea emerges from her hiding place and expresses gratitude to Aaliya. Aaliya requests that the massage be completed as soon as possible. Prachi is sceptical about Rhea’s ability to avoid becoming entangled in a major crisis. Rhea reclines for the massage. Prachi recalls seeing Rhea and then Aaliya replace her.

Rhea pours wine into her glass and says, “I deserve this.” Aaliya thinks you’re quite fortunate. Rhea claims you have saved her twice since yesterday. Aaliya claims she heard Prachi swear she would catch her red-handed, so she hurried from the back door to get there. Rhea explains, “At first I was perplexed, but then it made sense; you took my place so Prachi thought you had booked a massage for yourself.” She claims you’re becoming as sharp as aged wine. She believes Prachi and Shahana are now perplexed. Aaliya claims that we are drinking here and that their heads may be jumbled. They both laugh.

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