Kumkum Bhagya 17th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Ranbir and Prachi dancing to Zalima during Prachi’s mehendi ritual. Rhea becomes enraged. Prachi breaks down. What happened to Ranbir? She doesn’t even nod. He is holding her while they dance. Prachi slips and is about to fall on the couch’s pointed edge when Ranbir keeps his hand on it to prevent her from being injured. Prachi is saved from a head injury. Everyone is taken aback. Dida inquires about Prachi’s well-being. Prachi turns to face Ranbir. Ranbir breaks down and hugs her. Prachi smiles and becomes emotional as well. Vikram, Dida, and Wendy are all smiling. Rhea becomes agitated. Pallavi says it’s good that nothing has happened and that she wants to talk to everyone and invite everyone. She claims that the party is not over and will continue until Diwali. Prachi surprises Ranbir with a clap. Others clap as well. Ranbir becomes agitated and leaves. Shahana wonders how the papers disappeared from the envelope. She checks and believes the door is closed, so how did the papers disappear? The envelope is kept in the magazine by her. Rhea has stepped outside the room. When Shahana opens the door, she sees Rhea. Rhea inquires as to what you were doing in my room. Shahana claims I arrived here by accident. Rhea wonders if she was spying on her through Prachi’s words.

Shahana instructs her not to use Prachi’s name and inquires whether she is envious of Prachi and Ranbir’s dance. Rhea pushes her out of the room and shuts the door behind her. She claims she has no idea when her good days will come. Aaliya walks in from the restroom and tells her to stop cursing herself. Rhea claims that Ranbir will not allow Prachi to marry Sid. Aaliya displays the pregnancy report and claims she followed Shahana and opened the envelope as well. She claims that as she was about to close the door, she took out the report from the envelope and saved you once more. This marriage, according to Rhea, will not take place.

Prachi enters the room. Ranbir claims you were about to be hurt. Prachi claims you forced her to dance. Ranbir remarks, “You were dancing with me,” and inquires as to why she was running. Prachi acknowledges that he is acting to protect her and informs him that he now has someone in her life who is officially responsible for her care. Ranbir claims that Sid has no right to look after you and that no one can look after you better than him. Prachi wonders who you are to look after me. Because I love you, damn it, says Ranbir. Rhea is moved to tears when she witnesses his love confession. Aaliya arrives and hears them as well. Ranbir asks Prachi not to tell her that someone else will take care of her because he will only take care of her as long as he is alive, and nothing will happen to her as long as he is taking care of her. Rhea and Aaliya walk away. Ranbir tells Prachi that just because he asked her to marry Sid and leave her home doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her. He says, “Even if we are apart, I will not stop loving you,” and “I don’t care if you are hurt by my words.” Prachi breaks down and smiles. Ranbir is about to leave, but he returns to Prachi. He is about to touch her and then walks away. Prachi takes a step back and looks at him leaving.

Rhea enters the room and destroys everything in it. Aaliya requests that she pay attention. Rhea says I don’t want to listen and says bravo, well done if you want to hear your appraisal. You can save the report, but not my life, she says. She asks what she will do with the report if Ranbir is not present. She says it doesn’t matter if it ends up in anyone’s hand and that she is alone, developing an inferiority complex, and feeling worthless. She claims that when she saw Ranbir with Prachi, she thought she would die and not return to this world. She says, “I know I’m beautiful, smart, and perfect,” and that people used to call us the best couple in college, but that everything has changed since Prachi arrived. She claims she is not at peace or happy. Aaliya compliments her and asks her to take charge of her life. Rhea claims he doesn’t care for me, but that he occasionally speaks to or cares for me based on Mom or Pallavi’s words. Aaliya reminds her that her name is Rhea Abhishek Mehra and she is Abhishek Mehra’s daughter. She claims you, like me and your Papa, are a natural winner who will get what you want. Rhea claims, “I only want Ranbir, and he doesn’t look at me.” Aaliya says, “OK, we’ll get Prachi moved out of Ranbir’s way.” She claims that the time has come for Prachi to leave not only this house, but also this world. I’ll tell you tomorrow is Diwali, she says. Rhea wonders what Buji will do with Prachi.

Shahana approaches Prachi and informs her that the envelope was empty. Prachi suggests that you may not have seen properly, and that the report may be with someone else. Aaliya visits a tailor. Tailor promises that the work will be completed. He claims that anyone who wears that dupatta and goes near the fire will perish. Aaliya expresses her desire for her to wear the coffin after wearing this dupatta. The tailor claims that he will store gun powder in that dupatta in such a way that anyone who wears it and goes near a fire will burn and die. Prachi, according to Aaliya, will not be saved. Prachi looks for the report. Priya demonstrates the tissue paper. Shahana says they want paper with the word “hospital” written on it. Prachi says, or Rhea’s name will be written. Rhea notices them and remembers Aaliya’s words.

Vikram tells Pallavi that he has something to tell her and that they are rushing and making a big mistake. Pallavi says, “I know what you’re going to say.” Vikram requests that she fully hear him and says that we all know how much Ranbir adores Prachi. He claims Ranbir was afraid Prachi would be hurt and hugged her regardless of who was standing nearby. Pallavi responds, “So what, he’s sensitive.” She claims two rituals and functions have occurred and inquires if he is joking. According to Vikram, if the functions have taken place, the marriage will take place. She claims she is not under any duress. According to Vikram, you are putting others under pressure. Pallavi requests that he turn off the lights and allow her to sleep.

Aaliya enters Rhea’s room and finds her sobbing. She inquires as to what transpired. Rhea requests that she transport her away from the city, stating, “I am fighting for my rights, for my Ranbir, but I am not getting anything.” She claims that despite planning and plotting, she is not successful.

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