Kumkum Bhagya 18th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Rhea crying and telling Aaliya that despite her planning and plotting, she is not getting anything and wonders when she will fight. Aaliya asks her to explain what has happened. Rhea always says what happens. Aaliya asks how many times she will have to tell her that she is Mehra’s daughter and that she will not cry. Rhea sobs. Aaliya says she’ll go talk to Prachi and is about to leave. Rhea appears behind her and declares, “In this world, I have only you and nobody else.” Aaliya inquires as to what transpired. Rhea claims Prachi and Shahana were looking through my pregnancy report. Aaliya claims she told you this. Rhea says, “When you told me, I started crying because I saw Ranbir-closeness Prachi’s and that they are getting closer, and I’m afraid Prachi will keep me away from the family and rip me away.” Aaliya claims I have everything in order. Rhea believes you should not murder Prachi. Aaliya inquires as to who is saying this. A sibling. I don’t want you or me to get trapped, Rhea says. Aaliya claims her death will appear to be an accident. She claims that tomorrow is a big day, Diwali’s dark night, and that if Prachi lights the diya, she will be burned. Rhea beams.

The tailor returns the next day and hands Aaliya two dupattas with the numbers 1 and 2 written on the chits. He claims that number one is unique to you and number two is a duplicate. Aaliya inquires whether it will work. Tailor says yes and asks her to let him know if she has any future work. He leaves. Prachi, your Diwali gift is ready, according to Aaliya, and it will assist you in the celebration. She turns to see Priya standing there. She inquires as to what she is doing here. Priya claims to be cleaning the house in preparation for Diwali. She asks if I want to keep it in the room. No, says Aaliya. Pallavi is standing there, she notices. She tells her that she got the dupatta for Rhea from the temple and then realised that if she saw Prachi, she would feel bad, so she got it for her. She requests that she be their mother-in-law. She requests that she give Prachi the number one dupatta and Rhea the number two dupatta. Pallavi wonders why the numbers are written down. Aaliya claims they believe in different Gods and had their dupatta blessed by them.

Pallavi appreciates Aaliya’s consideration. She requests that Priya contact them. Prachi and Rhea arrive at Pallavi’s house. Pallavi claims that puja was performed for both of you and that the dupatta was brought from there because you believe in different Gods and thus the dupattas are blessed with different Gods. She checks the number and hands the dupatta to Prachi for the baby’s safety and health. Prachi accepts her blessing. Pallavi then hands Rhea a dupatta, explaining that it is for the safety of her baby. Rhea expresses gratitude and states that she does not miss her mother because of her. Pallavi summons Aaliya to her side and expresses gratitude. Aaliya believes that our happiness is linked to their happiness. Pallavi smiles and walks away. Prachi is also going. Aaliya expresses her joy at Prachi’s death and informs Rhea that the second part of the plan has been completed, the dupatta has reached Prachi with our blessings, and she will reach Kaal just as she approaches the fire. Rhea predicts that this Diwali, Prachi will be burned and her dupatta will become her shroud.

Prachi gets ready and converses with the baby. She expresses her love for your Dadi and asks baby not to be upset by her reprimands. She claims to be your Papa’s Mummy, so she will love you and care for us a lot, which is why she brought this dupatta from the temple for your long life and happiness. She puts on the dupatta and tells Ranbir and his mother that they will do something that will make you feel like no one loves you more than them. Aaliya and Rhea are aware of her presence. Rhea claims that because I was nice to her, her destiny was favourable. She claims she no longer requires her and that this Diwali will mark the end of her life. She says that on Dussehra, people put an end to evil, and on Diwali, I will put an end to the evil in my life. Aaliya claims that if you hadn’t saved her that day, Prachi and her baby would not have survived, and Ranbir and you would not have celebrated Diwali this year. Rhea claims that this time she will go directly to the crematorium grounds. Aaliya says it isn’t necessary because she will be completely burned here because the blessings dupatta is actually a shroud.

Pallavi greets the guests and invites them inside. Vikram greets a visitor named Sanjay. He claims you always come for Diwali. This is my favourite festival, according to Sanjay. Vikram inquires as to why it is celebrated. His daughter Neha arrives and informs him that Ram has returned to Ayodhya after 14 years. Vikram inquires, “How are you?” Neha requests that he contact her father. Vikram compares her to your wife. That is why, according to Sanjay, he did not bring his wife. Dida arrives and greets him. Aryan approaches Neha and teases her. Neha turns to face Ranbir. Shahana claims to be looking for sona munda. Prachi responds with a nod. Neha thinks he’s attractive. Rhea claims he’s my husband. Neha says she will inquire as to why he married. Ranbir arrives and greets Neha. He invites her to meet Dida. She claims to have already met her. Ranbir invites her to meet him. Neha inquires as to why you married so soon. As he was in love, Ranbir says. Neha inquires whether it is permanent. Yes, says Ranbir. Prachi questions Rhea on why she introduced herself in this manner. Rhea continues from there. Prachi is following her. As someone’s voice pierces her ears, Rhea requests cotton from the waiter. Please excuse me, says Prachi. Rhea says she wants cotton because her ears don’t like the sound of someone’s voice. Prachi follows her. She is urged to move aside and permit Rhea to leave. Prachi requests that she stop referring to Ranbir as her husband. Rhea asks her to stop breathing and if she can leave this. She claims that not addressing Ranbir as my husband is equivalent to not breathing. And wonders who she is to tell her this, given that she is about to marry Sid and is pregnant with his child. She claims I am expecting Ranbir’s child. She says you’re going to marry Sid and leave.

You are not to order me, she says. She claims you will not hear what I refer to as Ranbir. She asks, “What do you call Sid after marriage, my love, my husband, and my life partner?” Prachi says, “I’ve seen people see dreams with open eyes, and you’re happy to see it.” Rhea claims that my dream will be realised soon, and that you will be leaving after marrying Sid. Prachi says I’m staying in this house. Rhea claims her daughter will always leave her house. She asks her to accept reality, noting that today is Diwali, followed by your marriage and bidaai. She tells her that if she accepts her reality, she will cry less. She says she’ll help you accept it, and that Ranbir and she’ll do aarti together, and that you’ll see it, and that all your dreams will be broken seeing husband and wife doing aarti. Prachi claims that husband and wife perform God’s aarti, that we have taken rounds witnessing the rounds, and that our kumkum bhagya is with us. Rhea believes you will refuse to marry Sid. Prachi says, “I agreed to Mummy’s words, and my heart tells me that everything will be fine, and that everything will be fine with Ranbir.” Rhea claims that whoever performs the aarti with Ranbir will be in her kumkum bhagya.

Sid approaches Aaliya and insists on speaking with her. Aaliya claims I’m speaking with Mayuri. Sid claims that even he needs to speak with you. Aaliya makes an excuse. Sid expresses his desire to meet Mihika and recalls the day you threw me out of the car. He claims that if I don’t meet her, everyone will notice how sad I am. Aaliya inquires, “Are you threatening me?” Sid invites her to think whatever she wants.

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