Kumkum Bhagya 20 October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Rhea approaching Prachi while she is busy lighting the diyas. She tries to burn Prachi’s dupatta by holding it near the diya. Aaliya arrives and stops Rhea. She drags Rhea along with her. Pallavi glances at them and remembers that the dupattas were accidentally switched as she was thanking Aaliya. She informs Vikram of the situation. What’s the big issue, asks vikram, they’re sisters, it’s fine. Pallavi becomes concerned after it. Ranbir and Neha act in order to make Prachi envious. Prachi dials Ranbir’s number. Ranbir urges Neha to accompany him and assures her that Prachi will be overjoyed. Neha departs. Prachi approaches Ranbir and inquires as to what is going on. Ranbir remains silent and inquires as to how she felt. She claims it was a horrible prank. Ranbir thinks whomever made this joke was clever. Prachi wonders what’s going on between you two. Ranbir informs me that Neha likes me, which I don’t blame her for because many females like me, but there is a difference between you two and she doesn’t. She claims you don’t find me attractive, but Neha does. He leaves. Prachi says, “Hot and you…” and considers seeing Neha.

Aaliya questions Rhea about her attempt to burn Prachi’s dupatta. Rhea claims Prachi should have been reduced to ashes by now, that God should have burned her, yet she is breathing fresh air. She claims we can’t breathe in the same house. Aaliya tells her to stay away from Prachi because everyone would suspect her if she is around her. Rhea wonders why you didn’t let me do it. Aaliya tells her not to interfere with her preparations and asks if she wants her plan to fail. Rhea asks why you believe I’ll ruin it and responds that I’m making it successful. Aaliya replies that if you want her dupatta burned, she will burn it, and she informs her that we will use our last choice last and asks her not to use it first.

Aaliya notices her goon approaching. If someone sees him, Rhea asks why you called him here. Aaliya claims that if she meets him here, no one will doubt her. The goon approaches her and hands her the car keys. Aaliya inquires as to whether or not the task has been completed. Yes, he says. Rhea inquires, “What work?” Aaliya claims I told him to turn off the car’s brakes. She says this just as Sid and he are getting into the car. He (the goon) will request that Sid drive the automobile himself and will exit the vehicle. She believes the car will then come to a stop in the valley. She later asks Rhea to see Sid’s photo frame. Rhea replies, “Why should I visit him when I can see Ranbir?” Aaliya inquires about Aryan. Rhea says she didn’t see.

Shahana was on the phone with someone. Aryan appears and teases her. He inquires as to whom she was desperately conversing. Shahana will not inform him. Aryan grabs her phone and flees. He confirms that she was speaking with Sid and inquires as to what is going on. He claims Prachi is marrying Sid and you’re covertly chatting to him, and he wonders what’s in him. Shahana compliments Sid and tells him that he is a nice guy who respects women. She claims he is superior than you. Aryan inquires, “Do I not respect women?” Shahana replies no and tells him to think of girls as girls. She also mentions that you wanted to do arm wrestling with me that day. Aryan claims that if I used to grant you equal rights, you would have a problem. He invites her to compete in car racing with him. Shahana claims to know how to drive a car. Aryan notices Sid and the goon approaching. He inquires of Shahana as to the nature of the problem. Shahana wonders if I should inform him. Just then, several youngsters start burning crackers nearby, and Aryan invites them to play on the opposite side. The goon pretends to receive a phone call and informs Sid that his wife is in the hospital, then asks him to drive the automobile himself. He promises to send the address.

Sid invites Shahana to join him in the car. Aryan prevents Shahana from going with Sid alone and steals the keys to the automobile. He is sitting in the automobile. Shahana is also in the backseat. Sid says you can’t accompany us, Aryan. Aryan drives away. Pallavi notices Aryan behind the wheel of the automobile. Prachi follows Neha and approaches her. She requests that she not stare at Ranbir because his life is already complicated. She advises against enticing or wooing him. Neha claims that I am doing nothing. Prachi says she has nasty thoughts and asks if you want me to do something bad to you. No, says Neha. Prachi begs her to enjoy Diwali and not to trap her husband as a witch. Ranbir is pleased to see her jealousy and says she understands. Prachi claims Shahana summoned her and departs. Ranbir expresses gratitude to Neha.

Aaliya enters the room and calls Aryan. Pallavi arrives and tells me I made a huge mistake. Aaliya says I made a mistake and asks him to stay back, but he refuses. Pallavi tells her to relax and that he is a good lad and a treasure of a child. She claims Aryan was assisting people and drove the car to a location where several children were burning crackers.

Aaliya is taken aback and sits worriedly. Pallavi then inquires of Aaliya as to why Rhea was wearing Prachi’s dupatta. Aaliya inquires, “What?” Pallavi inquires, “I’m just wondering what occurred.” Aaliya searches for Rhea with concern.

Shahana informs Sid that Aryan is making fun of her. Sid tells Aryan to slow down and says you’re driving too quickly. Aryan claims that there is a problem in the car since it does not stop. Shahana begs him not to terrify her and declares that she would not be scared. Aryan claims that the car’s brakes have failed. They close their eyes when they observe a car approaching from opposing directions. Aryan controls the vehicle. Aaliya appears and begs God to help Rhea and Aryan. She collapses and scolds the visitors who are still standing there. She inquires of the thug whether her son drove the car. He claims I didn’t recognise him and asks if he’s your son, claiming he was driving the car.   Aaliya claims he is my son, and I requested that you send Sid alone. She requests that he search Rhea and keep her away from flames. She dials Aryan’s number. Rhea arrives and walks past the diyas. The diyas exploded. Aaliya notices Rhea and goes to see her, but she is not there. Aaliya dials Aryan’s number. Shahana says, “It’s your Mom’s call,” and begs him to pull over. Aryan begs her to inform the car and suggests that it stop listening the call. He claims she must have called me because I did not return her call. Shahana says you were born to be scolded. Aryan says I’ll get out of the car. . Sid asks them not to fight. Aaliya calls Rhea and prays to God to save atleast either of them.

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