Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Ranbir asking Prachi if she is jealous and taunting her. Prachi confronts him about his childish behaviour. She expresses her frustration. Ranbir beams. Prachi requests that he not smile while she is battling. Ranbir adds, “You can express your rage, and I will express my love.” He inquires if she recalls their previous Diwali. Prachi acts as if she had forgotten. Ranbir claims to have forgotten about Neha. Prachi urges him not to bring up Neha since she dislikes it. Prachi’s makeup is applied by Ranbir. Rhea becomes enraged when she sees them. Prachi notices Rhea’s dupatta on fire and saves her. Rhea tries to set fire to Prachi’s dupatta. Alia takes a peek at them. She comes to a halt and brings Rhea with her.

Aryan is asked by Shahana to reduce the car’s speed. Aryan expresses his inability and requests that they pray to God. They make a prayer to God. Aryan hits a tree with his car. They get out of the car and discover it is completely wrecked. Aryan claims his mother will murder him. To escape the penalties, Shahana instructs Aryan to inform his mother on his own. Sid is there for her. Aryan concurs.

Rhea tells Alia that she can’t see Ranbir and Prachi’s romance, thus she can’t wait for the right opportunity to kill Prachi. Alia requests that she calm down and listen to her, but Rhea refuses and continues to blabber. Alia smacks Rhea and tells her that she, not Prachi, wore the dupatta containing firework powder. Rhea is taken aback. She instantly removes her dupatta. Alia says, “This is what I’m going to tell you about it,” but you’re paying attention. Alia receives Aryan’s phone call at that time. She thanks God and answers the phone. Aryan apologises to Alia and admits that he made a mistake. Alia says, “You’re fine, that’s enough for me,” and inquires about Sid’s health. Aryan inquires as to how she knows Sid is with him. Alia lies about seeing them and requests that he return home. Aryan hangs up the phone and informs Shahana and Sid that his mother did not reprimand him.

Rhea questions Alia on why she is acting as if nothing has occurred. Alia claims that nothing occurred and that we are secure, but that we must now figure out how to make Prachi wear this dupatta. Rhea thanks God Prachi is her sister since she saved her. Alia suggests that we depart and come up with a new plan. Rhea concurs. Prachi is stopped by Ranbir. He chastises Prachi for walking too quickly. He expresses his inability to watch them in distress. Prachi responds, “I know you love me.” She admits her affections for Ranbir and hugs him. Pallavi looks at them, enraged at Ranbir.

Rhea is asked to wear the Dupatta by Alia. Rhea wonders if Alia forgot what she said about the Dupatta. Alia says she knows and that as long as she stays away from the fire, she is fine, and she requests Rhea to wear this Dupatta. Alia notices Prachi and suggests to Rhea that they change the Dupatta. Alia informs Rhea of her plan, stating that we would spill something over Prachi’s Dupatta. Prachi will then walk to the restroom to clean the dupatta. Alia declares that she will pursue Prachi and exchange the Dupatta.

Alia and Rhea act as if a plate has slid from Rhea’s grasp. Ranbir notices this and pulls Prachi away from the danger. Rhea, witnessing this, storms out of there, furious. Ranbir promises to always save her and that no one will ever be able to take Prachi from him. Pallavi notices this and tells Priya to summon Ranbir to her room. Pallavi recalls the events surrounding Prachi’s child. Priya appears and informs Ranbir that Pallavi has summoned him to her room. Ranbir then departs from there. Prachi cautions Rhea not to do anything foolish. Rhea inquires as to what Prachi is on about. Prachi claims she witnessed what she was doing. Prachi then departs. Rhea claims that there was never a moment when Ranbir and Prachi didn’t get close when she tried to break them apart. Alia tells Rhea to relax. Rhea asks Alia how she can relax. Alia tells Rhea that she, too, is having difficulties. Rhea inquires as to what she is on about. Alia claims that Sid’s plan has failed and that Aryan is with Sid.

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