Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Pallavi yelling at Prachi to stop. Prachi comes to a halt and turns to face her. Pallavi remembers Vikram’s comments and walks over to Prachi. She asks whether she has found peace today, that many relationships are fighting because of you, that husband and wife are fighting, that two brothers are fighting, and that you want Aaliya and Rhea to fight now. She begs her to stop humiliating her and claims that she is now disrespecting them in front of the guests. Prachi tries to explain. Pallvi says, “No drama now, just do what I say.” She instructs her to go speak with Ranbir and inform the guests that the conflict between brothers was a joke and that they are an amazing family. She says I don’t want to be sad on Diwali, so do precisely what I say. She walks away. Rhea hears her and rushes over to Prachi. She asks when you will listen to me, that this place is not yours, that no one loves you here, and that you should have left a long time ago. She tells her to keep away from Ranbir and to remember that she is getting married to Sid. Prachi says enough and continues, “I heard Mummy because I love and respect her, but it doesn’t guarantee anyone else will.” Rhea inquires, “Will you beat me up as Ranbir beat up Sid?” Ranbir overhears and instructs Rhea not to speak to Prachi in this manner. Prachi recalls pallavi’s words and walking thinking about it. Ranbir calls her and asks why is she crying? Prachi nods no. Ranbir holds her face. Prachi recalls Pallavi’s harsh words. She cries. Song plays..Maanjha ishq se..He keeps her hand on his cheeks. Prachi says Ranbir. Ranbir signs her not to say anything. He holds her face and wipes her tears. She says I hurt mummy and she is very upset with me.

Prachi walks around pondering about Pallavi’s comments. Ranbir calls her and inquires as to why she is sobbing. Prachi responds with a nod. Ranbir is frowning. Prachi recalls Pallavi’s scathing remarks. She sobs. A song is playing. Ishq maanjha se.. He holds her hand on his cheeks. Ranbir says Prachi. Ranbir instructs her not to speak. He wipes her tears away as he holds her face. She claims I harmed mummy and is furious with me. She claims to have asked me to make everything okay. She asks if you will give me anything if I ask you anything. He nods in agreement. Prachi requests that he make everything right, that we all have a great Diwali. She instructs him to make everything how Mummy desires. Ranbir says he won’t say no because you’re doing it for Mummy. He assures me that everything will be alright.

Aryan receives a phone call. Shahana shows up. Aryan hangs off the phone and assures Shahana they will chat later. Dida walks in and asks for Prachi. Sid shows up. Aryan claims Shahana’s favourite has arrived. Shahana inquires as to your issue with Sid. Aryan inquires about your relationship with him. Dida inquires as to why you are envious. Pallavi arrives and recalls Vikram’s comments. Aaliya wants Rhea to help Pallavi because it will benefit her. Rhea approaches her and offers her water. Pallavi expresses gratitude. Rhea tells her not to bother about Prachi and that she is accustomed to acting in every function. Pallavi claims she is thinking of Vikram, who is upset with her because of Prachi. She claims she was advising Ranbir how he should conduct his life and teaching him the difference between right and wrong. Rhea inquires, “Why?” Pallavi claims that Vikram believes the drama was caused by her. Prachi is filling his ears against you, Rhea claims.

Ranbir arrives and apologises to everyone for his confrontation with Sid. He claims that they have been fighting like this since they were children, and that he learned boxing while Sid did not. He asks the visitors to continue and then apologises to Sid. He says you should study boxing and then we can fight. Prachi beams. Ranbir apologises to Sid and adds, “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He says, “Enough of the dull lectures; I have a surprise for you all.” He takes Prachi’s hand in his and leads her to dance with him. Ranbir lifts Prachi and dances with her. Everyone applauds them. Ranbir expresses gratitude to Prachi. Prachi says you are always welcome.

Rhea questions Aaliya on why she took so long. She says we need to bring Prachi out before doing the bomb. Aaliya requests that she bring a chain of crackers. Rhea beams. Shahana remembers their collision and realises something. She approaches Prachi and informs her that Aaliya buji wishes to murder Sid. Sid notices her. Shahana claims Sid threatened Aaliya with meeting Mihika, which made her angry. She claims she told her spouse that he should meet Mihika, but he excused himself. She claims Aryan accompanied them and that Aaliya repeatedly phoned him. She claims that after Aryan apologised for being possessive over her car, she inquired about Sid. Ranbir shows up. Sid changes the subject. Ranbir inquires if they were discussing him. Rhea arrives and brings Prachi with her. Ranbir explains why they are acting abnormally. What is going on, asks Sid? Shahana claims to comprehend.

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