Kumkum Bhagya 3rd October 2022 episode written update

A scene from Kumkum Bhagya

The episode begins with Rhea stating that you have all heard the truth and have seen the DNA report. She claims Sid admitted to her that the baby is his. Prachi claims he lied, and you are to blame. Aaliya claims that Sid, Rhea, and everyone else are liars, whereas Prachi is the embodiment of truth; she adds that we will touch her feet and that she does not know where she came from. Shahana claims she arrived with Prachi, but the difference is that Prachi, like her mother, is truthful, whereas Rhea, like you, is a liar. Pallavi yells at Shahana to stop talking. Shahana apologises, but she has to reveal the truth today. Ranbir questions Prachi about her claim that Sid is lying about the baby.

Aaliya threatens Sid that if he tells the truth, she would kill Mihika. Prachi informs everyone that Aaliya is threatening Sid and that she has kidnapped Mihika and can do anything she wants with her. Rhea claims to be lying. Ranbir inquires, “Where is Mihika?” You have brought her here, and Dida has accepted her, and Ranbir inquires, “Where is Mihika right now?” Prachi claims that if she had wanted to, she would have brought her by now. She claims Rhea has always had issues with me, and when I returned, she assumed I was stealing you from her. She claims her difficulties worsened when she discovered you had always loved me. She claims that Rhea has an issue with my pregnancy and that when she found out that Mummy would have embraced me, she… Pallavi claims that all she wants is for her family to be happy. Prachi reveals that she is expecting Ranbir’s child. Prachi, according to Ranbir, can never lie. Rhea encourages her not to be blinded and informs her that the baby is Sid’s. Sid says it’s not my baby; I’m saying this now because I want to help Mihika, who has been kidnapped. He claims Aaliya Buji threatened him with death if he told the truth to you all. Aaliya claims he’s lying. Shahana causes Aaliya to collapse.

Rhea questions Shahana, “How dare you?” Ranbir requests that Aryan contact the police. Pallavi asks, “How dare you take Mihika?” Mihika, according to Vikram, is a member of the family. Dida declares that your game is done. Wendy responds, “Give them to me and watch what I do with them.” Ranbir claims that while we made you a part of the house, you are not fit to become a human. He takes Prachi’s hand and forces her to wear the ring, much to Rhea’s chagrin. Rhea shoves her, and Prachi collapses on the sofa. As Prachi shouts, it turns out to be her imagination. Prachi claims she saw a cockroach here. Rhea inquires of Ranbir about the ring. Yes, says Ranbir. He walks over to Prachi and accidentally touches the aarti. He claims to have misplaced the ring because he was terrified of cockroaches. Everyone is looking for the ring. Ranbir says I’ll get another ring made. Rhea inquires as to the size. I know, says Ranbir. He goes and gets Prachi a ring. Aryan claims you’re quite stubborn; I had no idea you were a thief. He claims that he saw the ring fall there and that he also saw the thief. Ranbir sees the fb and silently picks up the ring. Facebook is shutting down. Ranbir inquires if you are inebriated. Aryan asks him to show him the ring. Ranbir claims it is something else and that I am not in a good mood. Aryan pulls a ring from his pocket and requests that he speak the truth. Ranbir admits to stealing it in order to put an end to Prachi and Sid’s engagement. He claims that the new ring is for Prachi and me. Aryan inquires as to what is on his thoughts. I will inform you, replies Ranbir. He answers the phone and leaves.

Shahana tells Prachi that she is relieved that the ring has been found and that she does not want anyone to wear it but Ranbir. Rhea arrives and says you both make good stories, that the ring is missing, and that Ranbir came to your rescue and arranged for another ring. She claims Ranbir does not want to be with you for even a minute. She claims he arranged the ring as if it were his own engagement, and that this is his desperate attempt to remove himself from you; he wants Sid and you to marry and depart. Rhea is mocked by Shahana.

Rhea says I’m in a good mood, and I forgive you for today. She claims that gossip and harsh words will not affect the truth. She claims Ranbir wants Prachi gone. She walks away. Shahana walks behind her and informs Rhea that Ranbir kissed Prachi and does not want her to leave him. She claims that the world will change and that you will be unable to stop it. Rhea pledges to punish her for her actions, but she doesn’t want to ruin your engagement and is eager to get you out of here.

Shahana asks Prachi on why she didn’t reveal the truth. Prachi says we can’t tell right now since the timing isn’t right. We will not respond to Rhea, according to Shahana. Prachi suggests that we go slowly. She considers acting with Rhea.

Rhea goes to her room and complains about how weary she is. Prachi believes her exhaustion is linked to pregnancy, as she was unable to relax owing to functions. The phone rings for Rhea. Prachi notices her and hears her as she is on the phone. Rhea reports that I called and would like to schedule a deep tissue massage for tomorrow morning and a Swedish massage in the afternoon. Prachi is taken aback. Rhea turns to glance back as she hears the sound. Prachi takes a seat, and Rhea looks away. Prachi gets up and walks away.

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