Kumkum Bhagya 5th October 2022 episode written update

A scene from Kumkum Bhagya serial

The episode begins with the goon standing behind Shahana with a knife in his hand. Shahana notices Aryan and summons him. Aryan inquires as to what she is doing here. According to Shahana, there is no light here. He double-checks the lights. They collide with each other. Shahana trips. Aryan is holding her. Aaliya appears and inquires as to what she is doing here. Shahana apologises and says she arrived by mistake. She walks away. Aryan invites Aaliya to join him. Aaliya promises to charge her phone. Aryan claims that there is no light. When Aaliya meets Goon, she tells him she has some work and asks him to leave. She sees Goon, who informs her that they are relocating Mihika to another hotel and that he contacted her but she did not answer. He claims Shahana was looking for something, so he turned off the lights from the main switch. He walks away from the window. Aaliya wonders if Shahana came to inquire about Mihika.

Prachi looks at Ranbir. Ranbir is on call. Prachi asks water. The waiter brings us water. Prachi declares, “I have it,” and sips the water left by Ranbir. Mainu jogi hona performs…. Sid approaches Prachi and tells her, “I will not allow you construct a ring, it is idiocy,” and then begs her to do something. Don’t worry, Prachi replies, we’ll take care of it. Sid says I’ll do something that will make people think we’re engaged, but our engagement will not take place. She stares at the empty glass, asks him to leave, and promises to do something. She grasps the glass and smashes it with her palm. Her hand is injured. Ranbir becomes concerned after hearing her. Dida leads Prachi to her room. Shahana requests medicine from Prachi. Prachi makes fun of her. Dida invites her to sit with her and departs.

Prachi tells Shahana that she purposefully injured her hand; if Sid had forced her to wear the ring in her hand, the veins in this finger would lead to the heart. Shahana thinks you’re smart. Ranbir arrives and advises Prachi to look after herself because she will be alone without him. Prachi tells me that I don’t need to look after myself because Sid is there and we are one. Ranbir becomes envious and leaves. Shahana inquires, “What did you do?” Prachi claims that it was essential. Dida returns to Prachi. Prachi claims Shahana has wrapped the bandage around her right index finger.

Rhea asks Sid if he is excited to marry Prachi. Sid says, “Prachi is my wonderful buddy, and I don’t want you to see her through your bad eyes; she is a good human being.” He inquires as to what transpired and whether she is unhappy. Rhea claims that God provided her mouth, thus she does not expect her to utter blah blah. She claims she is uninterested in your gibberish and does not believe in God. She takes his hand in hers and says, “Don’t think I’m going to call off your engagement.” She refers to him as jija ji. We’ll do the ring ceremony, according to Aaliya. Ranbir considers his comments; the new ring is for Prachi and him. Pallavi approaches Pandit ji and asks if they may begin. Pandit ji asks them to come. Prachi takes the ring in her hand and thinks to herself, “I can’t make Sid wear it.” Sid believes I won’t be able to make Prachi wear the ring because she is Ranbir’s wife. Pandit ji instructs Sid to make her put on the ring first. Rhea motions for her to extend her hand so that Sid can force you to wear the ring. Aaliya advises her not to be shy. Pallavi dials Prachi’s number. Prachi thrusts her bandaged fingers forward. Your engagement, according to Aryan, is coming to an end. This, according to Ranbir, cannot happen. Rhea becomes enraged and replies, “You would have taken care of yourself.” How careless, says Aaliya? Prachi claims that the glass from which I was drinking water was broken. Aaliya motions for her to extend her other hand. Shahana is signed by Prachi.

Rhea believes you intentionally did this to stop your engagement from actually happening. Aaliya believes your engagement will take place anyway. Pandit ji instructs them to force each other to wear the ring. Prachi extends her hand. Sid has her hand in his and is ready to force her to wear the ring. Shahana is fleeing as she recalls Prachi telling her to prepare Plan B. Prachi had asked her to remove the fuse from the fuse box. What happened to light, say Aaliya and Rhea. Dida asks Vikram to check. Prachi and Sid both wear the ring. Shahana turns on the lights once more. Aaliya instructs them to force each other to wear the ring. Sid and Prachi clasp their hands and smile. Prachi claims that Pandit ji asked us, therefore we made each other wear the ring at the appropriate mahurat. Ranbir wishes them well.

In the room, Aaliya and Rhea cheer and drink wine. Aaliya claims that I was terrified for a while and questioned if the engagement was going forward or not. Rhea claims that the engagement did not take place because Prachi became engaged. She claims I informed her that Ranbir wants her gone. Aaliya responds, “So you mean to say she got engaged because of you?” Rhea praises you and gives credit to her. She claims to be victorious and powerful. Nobody, she claims, can stop me from having Ranbir now, not even Ranbir.

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