Kumkum Bhagya 6th October 2022 episode written update

A scene from kumkum bhagya serial

The Episode begins with Prachi thinking why Ranbir seems really cheerful. Ranbir asks visitor to congratulate him. He is congratulated by the guest. Ranbir expresses gratitude to him. Prachi strokes his shoulder. Ranbir embraces her. Prachi claims that your favourite heroine’s film is about to be released, which is why you are overjoyed. Ranbir requests that she congratulate him. He says you’re feeling something and asks her to congratulate him when they’re alone. Shahana approaches Prachi and invites her to join her.

Rhea enters the kitchen and remembers Priya threatening them. Priya is terrified when she sees her. Rhea wonders if she did something wrong. Priya inquires, “What do you require?” Rhea inquires about the fruits they have and requests a papaya dish in 20 minutes. Priya questions how you can eat papaya. Rhea expresses a desire to eat and requests that she arrive in 20 minutes. Shahana leads Prachi to her room. Sid shows up. Shahana requests that Sid plead in front of her to inform her. Sid asks her to say something. Prachi requests that she whisper in her ears. Shahana whispers in Prachi’s ear and then informs her that she has received the orchid hotel visiting card. She informs Sid and displays the card.

Ranbir hears them. Aaliya Buji, according to Shahana, noticed me but didn’t notice the card. Prachi and Shahana create an excuse and leave. Sid says I’ll use the restroom. Prachi notices Priya eating Papaya and approaches her. Priya claims that Rhea told her to get Papaya or else she would kick her out. Prachi promises she’ll take care of Rhea and asks her to leave. She claims Rhea is pregnant and is unable to have it. She dispatches Priya from there.

Wendy blackmails Dida, demanding that she reveal why Ranbir was pleased with Sid and Prachi’s engagement. Dida said Ranbir was overjoyed when Prachi wore the ring he had purchased for her. Wendy congratulates her. Prachi recalls Rhea scheduling a deep tissue massage before ordering Papaya. She wonders how Rhea can eat papaya and tells herself not to overthink it. Shahana appears and offers to sing a lullaby for her. She then inquires as to what is on her mind. Prachi claims Rhea requested Papaya and asked Priya to buy it. She claims that Priya advised her that it is dangerous during pregnancy, but Rhea tells her to mind her own business. Everyone tells Shahana that she can’t eat papaya when pregnant. She questions why she asked for it. Prachi advises Rhea to have an abortion. Shahana says that’s a huge deal, we’ll look into it, and she asks her to give her some time. Prachi is asked to rest.

Pallavi arrives at the dining table the next day and inquires about breakfast. Priya affirms. Vikram and Dida also attend. Pallavi inquires about Sid’s happiness following his engagement. Ranbir informs Aryan that they had no idea what had occurred. He says we’ll have juice and celebrate at home. He says we’ll cheer, and then you’ll all congratulate me. Everyone wishes Ranbir well. Ranbir claims to have completed his business venture and that the response has been overwhelming. Sid expresses to Aaliya his desire to meet Mihika. Vikram inquires about Mihika. Rhea claims Mihika called Sid to notify him.

Ranbir notices Prachi approaching and admires her once more. Rhea becomes envious when she sees Prachi and Ranbir. She chastises Priya for failing to deliver what she had requested. Prachi claims she sent her out to buy medications for Dida. Aaliya informs Sid that she would accompany him to meet Mihika. Prachi says Shahana and I shall see Sarita ji. She stooping to pick up the spoon. Ranbir asks if I can drop you off there. Prachi declines. Aaliya says she’ll bring a file and we’ll go. Prachi invites Shahana to join her. Ranbir is also going. Pallavi inquires, “What is going on?” Nobody knows what is going on.

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