Kumkum Bhagya 8th October 2022 episode written update

A scene from Kumkum Bhagya serial

The Episode starts with Wendy Mausi asking Dida, where is she lost?  Dida expresses anxiety as she prepares to leave. She describes my confrontation with Aaliya and Rhea. Wendy suggests sending Aaliya and Rhea from here so that there will be no conflict between Ranbir and Prachi. Pallavi claps when she hears them and wonders if it was Rhea who asked Prachi to stay with Sid at a Bangalore hotel and then asked Prachi to refer to Sid’s kid as Ranbir’s baby. She tells her that she is older than her and to be cautious the next time. Wendy Mausi claims that if you had taken care, she would not have stated this. She claims that whatever is going on in the house is due to you. She claims you didn’t hold Prachi’s hand as she left the house, but instead held your ego’s hand. Pallavi informs you that you have a flight to catch.

Prachi approaches Dr. Madhurima’s cabin. If you have an appointment with me, Madhurima says. Prachi claims that someone requires immediate medical attention. Hearing her, Rhea hides her face and warns that if Prachi finds out about Madhurima being a friend, she will find out about my false pregnancy. Prachi informs Madhurima that her friend has been injured. Rhea wonders whether I’m terrified. Madhurima claims to be a gynaecologist. Prachi apologises and departs. Rhea informs Madhurima that she is Prachi, her real sister who kidnapped Ranbir.

Ranbir comes to the office and informs Aryan that Prachi irritates him. Aryan tells him that if he does not decide who he will slander, he will be called a lousy jija. Ranbir introduces himself as his brother and claims that Rhea and Prachi are a nuisance. He describes Rhea as unwelcome difficulty and Prachi as loving trouble. Aryan receives a call from Shahana. Ranbir claims you have feelings for Shahana. No, says Aryan. Ranbir answers the phone and says, “I love you, Shahana.” Shahana becomes enraged and shouts, “How dare you!” She warns Prachi that if she is imprisoned, she will testify in court that he provoked her to murder him. She says, “How dare you, I’ll write a hate story .” Ranbir tells her to relax and to cool down. According to Shahana, Aryan would have received Moksh, but I would have been prosecuted with murder. She claims to have phoned Aryan to inquire about Dr. Malhotra and to be with Prachi. Ranbir walks away after hearing her. Aryan answers the phone and says Dr. Malhotra will call you back. Shahana requests that he not give Ranbir his phone number.

Madhurima inquires if she is a friend of yours. Rhea confirms, claiming to be her twin sister. She puts on the fabricated stomach. Madhurima inquires if your sister came to hear her. Rhea is taken aback and exclaims, “What did you give me? I want a little stomach.” Madhurima leaves to get a little dummy stomach. Rhea phones Aaliya, but she is unavailable. Ranbir arrives at the hospital and informs the staff that his wife is ill. The receptionist inquires about the doctor’s name. Ranbir admits he has no idea. He reveals that his wife is expecting a child. According to the receptionist, your wife saw Dr. Madhurima. Ranbir leaves. Aryan comes to the hospital to notify Ranbir that Prachi has gone to the general practitioner for Sid. He inquires with the receptionist and considers whether his acquaintance has become a gynaecologist. Ranbir goes to the second level by mistake and runs into Prachi. He inquires as to what she is doing here. Prachi claims she arrived for work. Ranbir claims he came here after hearing Shahana. Shahana claims they have arrived at Dr. Malhotra’s office.

The receptionist informs Ranbir that his wife is on the first level and that her name is Rhea. Okay, says Prachi. Shahana directs Prachi to go clear up any confusion concerning Rhea. Ranbir inquires of Shahana as to what they are discussing. Prachi says they’ll go see Rhea if she has any issues. She invites Ranbir to join her. Rhea claims that none of your fabricated stomachs fit. Madhurima claims that the sweater will not fit you. Rhea is sceptical of her inquiring if she is with her sister. Madhurima is taken aback. Rhea claims she may have offered you a large sum of money, but she urges her not to do so. Madhurima claims I am concealing your secret and backing your lies, and you are sceptical.

Rhea needs to be with the doctor, adds Ranbir. Prachi is concerned about what she is doing. She takes Ranbir’s hand in hers. Ranbir claims that I will file a complaint against you. He grumbles to the nurse. Let her hold your hand and she’ll examine your nerves, says the nurse. Prachi suggests that we should ask Rhea’s doctor if she is okay. Rhea asks Madhurima what you did for me that I should thank you for, and she answers you’re getting paid for it. Madhurima motions for Rhea to leave, saying, “You made our friendship a transaction.” She threatens to reveal her family’s secret. She shouts and asks the doctor what she will tell her family. Ranbir inquires, “What is going on here?” Rhea is taken aback.

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