Kundali Bhagya 20th October 2022 episode written update

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Arjun adds that he needs the thali for Preeta Luthra; he turns away with it when she calls him from behind, noting that he forgot to take the juice glass; Arjun, relieved, goes. Rishab enters the room, explaining that he has brought the medicine that the doctor prescribed for him. Preeta replies that she cannot eat it because she has been keeping the varth since the morning. Rishab questions how she can do it and stands to leave, explaining that he will bring something special for her. Preeta recalls how Karan also admired the moon when she replied that it had never appeared more magnificent before. Preeta then hears a tap on the door and invites the worker inside.She inquires if her husband sent this food, to which he responds that her husband asked her to have this food as well as the medicine. Preeta instructs him to call her husband because she is unable to eat the food by herself. Arjun inquires if she is unable to eat it herself, inquiring if there is something wrong with her hands. Preeta assures him that it is not the case, saying it was his responsibility to deliver the food, but Arjun explains that he has a relative whose husband lives in Mumbai, so she usually breaks her fast after looking at the photo. Preeta gets irritated realizing which he apologizes. Rishab rushes into the room saying he has ordered the food; she replies to the food has already arrived.

Preeta is concerned that the moon ceremonies were not completed; Rishab responds with a smile that all he wants is the respect she shows him; he is going to feed her when he receives a call, which he hurries to answer. Arjun explains once more that he made this delicious with his own hands and that she should try it; Preeta asks him to put it down, but he explains that he wants to serve all the guests who come into this house, urging she taste it a tiny bit. Preeta smiles after eating the sweet and says it tastes nice, and Arjun smiles as well before leaving the room. Rishab turns to find Preeta holding the sweets and invites her to consume them while he sits down and explains how delicious they are, Rishab turns to see Preeta having the sweets in her hands so asks her to eat it, he is sitting down explains it is very tasty.

Arjun emerges from his room after changing his clothes, a smile on his face, thinking he had succeeded in convincing Preeta to eat the sweets. He turns to see her standing in front of him. Arjun approaches Preeta, who tries to flee, but he stops her, always following her as she flees from him. Arjun hugs Preeta from behind before they begin to dance; Arjun thoroughly enjoys his time with Preeta but abruptly awakens from his dream as Shekar enters the room; Arjun asks him to sit and wonders what he is doing here, Shekar responds that he made a mistake because Maa Sahab told him not to hold this meeting, but they were unable to conclude it, Shekar confesses that he truly loved his plan but does not know how to tell Rishab jee, Shekar advises they tell Rishab in the next meeting.

Rishab asks Preeta if she is okay, Radhika inquires where they are leaving with the bags, she immediately apologises if they made a mistake, Preeta replies that she must not think like that because they are very hospitable, Rishab assures it was not their mistake, Arjun arrives and explains she is correct and he is at fault because had he managed to save her, there would have been no problem. Preeta wonders why he is acting this way since Rishab jee may have tried his hardest to save her but it was an accident. Rishab wonders if he has received his answer and if he wants them to say anything else.

Preeta compliments Maa Sahab and Radhika once more, saying that they have showed them a lot of closeness. Arjun informs Shekar that they came here for a business deal and that the incident of KarvaChawth happened by happenstance so why should they demonstrate closeness based on this one occurrence, and he explains that he has understood Preeta and feels that she always acts from the heart but Shekar jee must only view it as a business meeting. They must always discuss after considering the time and location, Rishab responds, adding that he would not have said anything if he had known Preeta. Rishab apologises for any unwise things he may have spoken before leaving. Arjun also informs Shekar that he should not mind his problem with Rishab but they would talk about this deal in the future.

Anjali opens the door and is overjoyed to see Arjun. She asks why he is so happy when Arjun enters before sitting on the couch. Anjali asks if he is happy that he was able to get the deal, but Arjun replies that it is almost finalised. Anjali then asks why he is so happy, and he reveals that he broke Preeta’s fast with his own hands. Anjali is taken aback and asks Arjun if he remembers why he came here. Arjun tells her that he would ruin Rishab and grab all of his future agreements. He informs Anjali that they have a meeting tomorrow, but she explains that she has a lot of meetings lined up before him and would go before him.

Shristhi is overjoyed to hear the bell that causes Ganesh to tumble onto the couch, and she asks if he is okay when he replies that he is still alive. Shristhi is ready to hug Preeta when Rishab comes and mentions that she should remember him from time to time. Shristhi then hugs Preeta as she enters the house. Ganesh admits that she also requested tissues when Shristhi reveals that her eagerness to greet her caused him to collapse.

Rakhi is equally happy to see Preeta and Rishab; when Rakhi explains that she gifted everyone on KarvaChawth and had brought gifts for her, she chooses to go and bring her gift. Rishab goes outside to change his clothing. Shristhi notices something is wrong with Preeta and asks her if anything happened there, Preeta informs her about the incident and how Arjun caught her, Shristhi is stunned but Preeta requests that she not tell Rakhi maa otherwise she may become worried, Rkahi arrives with her gifts, which Preeta is delighted to see, Shristhi is suspicious of Arjun and wonders if he wants to ruin Preeta’s life.

In the morning, Prithvi asks Sherlin if she wants to drink the tea he made; she does not react, so he takes it to her; she asks him to throw it on her because he cannot see her burning soul; she throws it when he exposes his hand is burning. Sherlin responds that he is unable to exact his revenge on Arjun because that goon entered the house and began beating her, and she requests that he wake up the animal in this house because he is the cause of everything that is happening to her, stating that there was no need to reveal his truth because they would have gotten the money from him. Sherlin is enraged when he is asked if he would take his revenge.

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