Kundali Bhagya 24th October 2022 episode written update

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The terrorist threatens that if he kills her, no one will come forward to save her; Kavya responds that her friend will come forward to save her; he has bought a lot of cricket bats and he loves her a lot, so if they tease her, he will beat them up a lot; she explains that one day she was about to get in a big accident, but he came to save her in front of the truck; she mentions he is really They are all taken aback when they hear a noise and run outside to investigate, leaving one of their collaborators with the youngsters. The teacher kneels explaining to kavya that these are bad people and do not believe in such stories when Kavya explains she is telling the truth as the person would come to save her when he finds out she is in trouble.

The police inspector yells, “What did they think the police would not come inside when the doors were locked?” They hear someone approaching, so the inspector orders all of his men to hide. The terrorists believe they hear someone approaching, so the inspector walks in front of them with all of his guys. When the terrorists start laughing and advise showing them their plan, they unzip the bag and take out the masks, which concerns the police officers. They have no idea what they are doing, so the terrorists set off the smoke bomb, causing everyone to choke due to the smoke.

Preeta wonders if Janki aunti and Bi jee are squabbling because they are children and should not be. Bi jee argues she is their Dadi and is not complaining, but Janki adds she simply wants the best for Dadi because she should not consume sugar. Preeta agrees with her, saying that sugar is terrible for her health. Janki begins to smile, explaining that the decision is on her side, but Preeta sits beside Bi jee, explaining that they are human and that if she feels like it, she can have some chocolate within a week or two. Preeta explains that they both should not fight like children, and Shristhi agrees when Preeta replies that even she only tries to instigate the fight. Shristhi is taken aback by the news about the school and becomes concerned; Preeta is taken aback by the news and flees; when Bi jee inquires about her whereabouts, Shristhi flees, stating that terrorists have invaded Kavya’s school.

While driving, Arjun adds that they cannot postpone the meeting and that he wants to meet everyone once he arrives at the workplace. Arjun comes to a halt at the signal after hearing the news and becomes concerned, stating that it is Kavya’s school.

Rishab is in the office when he is given with the project report. Rishab explains that he now wants to discuss the project and how they will obtain it because he believes they are all exhausted. When the phone rings, he becomes enraged. Sameer attempts to explain that it is his phone, but he is not ready to listen, and when he eventually answers the call, Rishab rushes out.

Preeta is also running down with Shristhi when Karina asks why they are both running like this. Mahesh also asks Preeta what has happened, but she faints before answering. Shristhi tells that terrorists have infiltrated the Kavya school and are holding the pupils and instructors hostage. Karina cries that this implies Kavya’s life is in danger, and Preeta awakens, agitated, but Rakhi promises her that they will all go and make sure Kavya is safe.

Raja and Vishnu arrive to the school, wondering what has occurred. Vishnu asks Raja if he is responsible, but Raja responds that he does not do anything wrong with children since he loves them and believes they are a part of Bhagwan, but he despises anyone who damage children. When Raja and Vishnu learn that terrorists have taken the students and teachers hostage, they rush ahead to investigate. Raja reveals that he knows who is responsible and is delighted he did it because there used to be a lot of traffic here, so he blew his bridge. Raja admits that he would feel pain if he saw his gal friend with someone else, but she was a family. Vishnu exclaims that no one trusts them, to which Raja responds that anyone can deceive them, such as Arjun, for whom they were waiting outside Prithvi’s house demanding his money, to which Arjun replies that he only remembers that they deceived him because he helped them get out of jail on the condition that they not tell anyone, but they deceived him because of Prithvi. Raja responds that he must pay them for the service they just completed for him. Vishnu also wants the money because it is the best answer for them all. Raja then threatens Arjun with whatever happens to him. Raja emphasises that no one would trust their confession. Raja proposes they vote for the politician who will establish up a police force for them, Vishnu offers they run for office themselves, Raja asks who will handle their clients, and Vishnu says he would give up anything for him.

Sameer (terrorist) is with the pupils and teachers when his guys arrive, stating that they don’t have much ammunition left and that they need to do something to fix their dilemma. Sameer phones Raja and asks if he wants to work with him. Vishnu also speaks with Sameer, explaining that he is his biggest admirer and that others believe he is not worthy of achieving anything, but he knows Sameer bhai is a truly awful person. Sameer asks if he wants to work with him, to which Vishnu accepts, but Sameer says he wanted to talk with Raja, and he orders Raja to come inside the school as this is the only way he can work with him else he should forget it all, and Raja asks Vishnu to come as they must go inside.

Anjali calls Arjun and asks him to come to the school, but when he says he can’t right now, she responds that she won’t be able to handle the clients and it will be a big loss for them because all of their future projects are with these people. When Arjun asks if she’s upset that Kavya is trapped in the school and he doesn’t know what’s wrong with her, she says they would lose everything.

Karina urges Preeta to call Rishab if she hasn’t already. Preeta mentions she forgot her phone, to which Karina responds, “Life is so wired without the mobile.” Shristhi is concerned about Bi jee and Janki, but Dadi assures her that they will be OK in the house because they will be able to alert them of any developments. Mahesh believes they should turn around because there is a traffic jam; they try to make room for their car, but Dadi becomes disoriented, so they all hurry to help her sit in the car while Preeta flees.

Sameer (terrorist) is sitting when his accomplice approaches and suggests they flee, but he responds that he has never run away from a challenge, and he believes Raja will need his assistance to get inside. Raja tries to enter the school but is stopped by the police; he explains that he is the partner and his companions are inside the school and that if anything bad happens to them, it will be bad for them; Kavya suggests that if they want a helicopter, they should work with her father; when she reveals her name is The Kavya Luthra, they decide to tape her mouth. Kavya becomes concerned, and Arjun is nervously driving the automobile.

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