Main Hoon Aparajita 20th October 2022 episode written update

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Bappi is telling people that Aparajita tried to entice her brother. Disha suggests that we depart from here. Aparajita says I didn’t do anything wrong, therefore everything is fine.

Akshay arrives at his brother-in-office. law’s  Akshay says you have become fit. His brother-in-law says, “First and foremost, you are my friend.” Akshay describes you as a drama queen. He asks, “Why are you only come here to meet me now?” Akshay says Aparajita is being smart now, she even hired a lawyer. His brother-in-law claims I assured Mohini I could handle the lawyer, but she is obstinate. Mohini appears and declares, “I have completed the work.” She plays a video of Gaurav telling Aparajita that he is unable to take her case. Akshay wonders how it happened.

Asha watches the video in which Bappi blames Aparajita for seducing her brother. She displays it to Chhavi. Akshay informs Mohini that she didn’t need to do all of this and that she should have contacted him first. Mohini inquires if he is feeling sorry about Aparajita. Akshay claims I don’t care about her, yet she still wears my mangalsutra; if people mock her, it’s a shame for me as well. He tries to leave, but Mohini stops him and tells him that we have to go to the pooja and that everyone would be there. Akshay departs. Mohini says to her brother, “He didn’t even appreciate me.” His sibling also departs.

Aparajita has entered the mandir. Mohini and Akshay perform puja jointly. He takes the sindoor and prepares to apply it on Mohini, but he changes his mind and goes to Aparajita. He’s ready to use it on Aparajita when she stops him. Everyone is watching. Aparajita claims that it is not your will to do it when you wish, and that you have no right to do so. Akshay snaps her picture and asks, “Really?” So, why do you still wear my sindoor? What authority do you have? Akshay claims you won’t let me apply for sindoor, but you’re still in my house? Disha says I can respond. Aparajita says we don’t need to confront him here. Mohini claims you applied sindoor to her in front of your wife. This is my fight, says Akshay, so let me handle it. He says to Aparajita, “You don’t want to discuss here because your true colours will show.” You’re using sindoor and mangalsutra to own that house, but you won’t let me use sindoor on you? Aparajita, in Dadi’s opinion, has done a lot for that house. You’re making me feel like I’m not your kid, claims Akshay. He questions Aparajita about why she shows more right on my mother. Aparajita claims that rights are earned through hard work; I had to make sacrifices for my children, I cared for them when they were sick, I drove your mother to the hospital, I drove my children to school, but now you want rights to the house where my children were born and raised? This house holds memories for my children, so I have a claim on it. I have a right because I have cared for Amma here and kept the family together after you left. I’m wearing this mangalsutra and sindoor for your mother, not you, so stay away from me and my children. She then walks away. Everyone is watching.

Aparajita returns home and recounts the events of the day. Dadi and the kids arrive. They notice her sobbing. Dadi says don’t cry, and don’t even consider leaving this house. Disha tells us not to cry because you are Aparajita and we are her daughters. She leads her into the house. Chhavi tries to sneak behind them, but Dadi stops her and tells her she can’t go to her and pretend to be your father’s lawyer. She walks away. Chhavi asks, “I love my father, but does that mean I can’t visit my mother?” She takes Veer’s call and observes.

Disha walks Aparajita into her room and takes a look around. Aparajita inquires as to what transpired. She discovers her sindoor and claims it is the source of all the chaos. She discards it. Aparajita asks, “What did you do?” We don’t have a father, Disha claims, so we don’t need him. She tries to erase her sindoor, but Aparajita tells her that this is my identity and connection to this house. Disha believes he will not offend you as a result of this. She makes an attempt to wipe her sindoor.

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