Main Hoon Aparajita 21st October 2022 episode written update

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Disha tells Aparajita that your sindoor gives the impression that we have a father, but we don’t. She is going to remove it when Dadi appears and tells her not to. She is ready to collapse, but Aparajita catches her. Dadi sobs, saying that sindoor is what holds us all together. She had to bear so much because of us that she had to keep this relationship afloat alone for 15 years. Disha exclaims, “Enough of this, Akshay is dead for us,” and starts to wipe her sindoor, but Dadi stops her. You’re referring to your father’s death? Aparajita is taken aback. Dadi claims he is my son; you may not notice, but I do. Disah is asked to leave by Aparajita, who shouts at her. Disha leaves. Dadi is advised by Aparajita not to take Disha’s statements seriously. Asha approaches Disha and inquires as to why she is crying. Akshay and Mohini have returned home. Mohini yells, “How dare you apply sindoor to Aparajita?”

Dadi informs Aparajita that she is still his mother. Aparajita claims that I no longer care about him. Dadi continues, “This sindoor is my hope; I believe it will protect him, and I hope he will change and return to you.” He has never divorced you, and this sindoor is still linking you to me. Aparajita explains, “My connection with you isn’t tied by Akshay; it’s bound by our love for each other, and we don’t need anyone else’s confirmation for that.” She holds Dadi and considers how to tell her not to have false hopes because that man left me and I no longer have room for him.

Chhavi approaches Disha and says, “I need to talk to Maa, what happened inside?” Disha says you’d like us to leave from here, correct? You simply want your father to have a happy ending, right? Why are you all against me, Chhavi asks? All I desire is serenity. Disha gives her the video of Aparajita being insulted as well as a snapshot of a house. What exactly is this, asks Chhavi? See how much your father adores you, says Disha. He gave us this precise house? Let’s go live there. How do you know this is the house he chose for us, asks Chhavi? Disha claims you still believe in him, but we don’t. I sent a friend to the place, and he told me it’s three hours away and all desert. He wants us to go and live there. Chhavi says father can’t lie to me and walks away.

Akshay approaches Mohini and tells her that she is overreacting. Mohini is collecting her belongings and adds, “I’m leaving.” Akshay believes you should trust him because he did everything after much thought. Mohini claims you put sindoor on her, and I’m overreacting. Akshay tries to stop her and tells her that she is not going anywhere. Mohini says I’ll contact Manish. From there, Akshay departs. Disha and Asha chuckle as they hear them fighting. Disha says she’ll leave right now.

Disha must be mistaken, thinks Chhavi, because father can’t lie to me. Veer messages her and inquires about her health. When Akshay arrives, Chhavi attempts to speak with him, but he pushes her away and leaves. Chhavi is in pain. She arrives at the washing shop, concerned. Guggo brings her water and then departs. Chhavi sobs as she recalls Disha’s remarks. When she receives Veer’s call, she tells him to quit bothering her. Veer says, “I apologised to you; I am anxious; tell me why you are sobbing.” I am available to meet with you. I’ll send you the address. He hangs up the phone.

Disha assures Asha that once Mohini departs, everything would be OK. What about Chhavi, asks Asha? I don’t know how Chhavi will react, says Disha, but she always takes her father’s side, so I told her off. Papa duped her, but we forbade her from speaking to Maa. Aparajita appears and informs me that Chhavi wanted to speak with me. Why did you put a stop to her? Disha observes. Aparajita wonders where Chhavi is. Asha claims she went to the wash, but Disha chastised her and she left. Aparajita says I’ll go check it out. She walks away.

Chhavi is walking towards Veer’s car, he opens the door for her and she sits inside. Aparajita is nearby but doesn’t see her. Veer drives away with Chhavi. Veer says I know you are worried but I am so happy that you came to meet me. It means you have forgiven me and you trust me now? You trust that I have changed right? You have changed me so thank you. You are so nice. Chhavi recalls how Aparajita said that she is too innocent. Chhavi asks him to stop the car and says this was wrong. I should have informed Maa. She tries to leave the car but Veer holds her hand. He pulls her closer and is about to kiss her.

Chhavi is walking towards Veer’s car, which he opens for her and she sits in. Aparajita is nearby but is unaware of her presence. Veer drives Chhavi away. Veer says, “I know you’re anxious, but I’m so glad you came to meet me.” That you’ve forgiven me and now trust me? You believe I’ve changed, don’t you? Thank you for changing my life. You’re so sweet. Chhavi recalls Aparajita telling her that she is too innocent. Chhavi requests that he halt the car and expresses her regret. I should have told Maa. She tries to get out of the car, but Veer grabs her hand. He draws her in closer and prepares to kiss her.

Mohini notices Aparajita and Disha standing outside the home. They are concerned about Chhavi. Disha is calling her, but she is not answering. Aparajita recalls reprimanding Chhavi. Aparajita claims she chose her father’s side, and we all chastised her for it. She was all alone. Disha regrets being impolite to Chhavi. Mohini notices them and believes I staged a fight with Akshay because Aparajita is in trouble.

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