Main Hoon Aparajita 22nd October 2022 episode written update

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Aparajita tells her daughters that she will review everything and asks them to notify her if Chavi returns home. Chavi returns home at that point. Aparajita hugs her and inquires as to where she has gone. Chavi recalls Veer saving his phone number in her fast dial and informs her that he is available to her at any moment. Aparajita, in tears, informs Chavi that she spent a long time looking for her. Chavi apologises to Aparajita for her actions toward her and Disha. Disha also apologises to her for being harsh to her. They exchange hugs. Mohini notices them and believes they are pleased that I am leaving the house, but they are unaware of my plans. She phones Manish and begs him to keep Akshay occupied so she may carry out her plan. Manish agrees and tells her that he can handle Akshay easily.

Amma informs Aparajita that they must commemorate Mohini’s departure. As Mohini abruptly departs, Aparajita inquires whether she has a strange feeling. Amma thinks it’s a good thing she’s leaving. Mohini appears at that moment and requests that Amma remember her in her prayers. Amma insults her and orders her to leave immediately. Mohini walks away. Manish calls Mohini and inquires about her plans. Mohini threatens Amma’s favourite daughter with hospitalisation and urges him to stop Akshay at his home. Manish concurs. He apologises to Akshay for keeping him waiting for so long, and he invites him to stay, telling him that Mohini is on her way.

The power is shut off. Aparajita leaves to light the fuse. Amma reads the horoscope with the aid of a candle and concludes that the time is not favourable. Aparajita replaces the fuse and cranks the key. Mohini appears behind her. Amma gets off the swing and calls Aparajita. Amma is helped by Aparajita and her daughter. On the call, Manish praises Mohini. Mohini recalls tampering with Amma’s swing. She tells Manish that she would force Aparajita and her daughters to leave the house.

At the hospital, the doctor informs Apatajita that her mother-in-condition law’s is critical and that surgery is required to stabilise her. The doctor departs, instructing her to organise the funds. Aparajita observes. Guffran hands Aparajita paperwork and informs her that they must pay the bill. Aparajita requests that he go, but then she notices that they must pay 40k. She receives a phone call from her daughter. They inquire about Dadi’s health. Aparajita assures them that Amma is fine. They inquire as to why Aparajita appears tense. Aparajita claims she’s not worried, but I’m perplexed about how to pay the 40k┬ácost. Disha wonders how they can charge so much. Aparajita declares that she will sell Ram pyaare ( Van). She requests that they sell it to Garage Munna if he still requires it. Mohini overhears the conversation. Chavi advises her sisters to seek Akshay’s assistance. Disha claims he will take advantage of the situation and that it has happened before, so we cannot rely on his assistance. Mohini phones Manish and inquires about Akshay’s whereabouts. He informs her that Akshay is drinking wine. Mohini requests that he not allow Akshay to speak with his family members.

Akshay notices Sindoor and wonders how Aparajita can talk to him in this manner. Akshay complains to himself about Aparajita. Mohini tells Manish that Akshay should not know his mother is in the hospital. While inebriated, Akshay calls Aparajita. Akshay inquires about Aparajita’s whereabouts. Akshay inquires of Aparajitha whether she is practising how to disrespect him. Aparajita claims to have numerous misconceptions. Mohini requests that Manish check to see if Akshay is chatting to Aparajita. Aparajita discusses Amma with Akshay over the phone. However, it is revealed that Manish has grabbed the phone from Akshay and heard what Aparajita said about Amma. Aparajita hangs up the phone. Manish tells Mohini that he took the phone just in time because Akshay would have found out about his mother otherwise. Mohini praises Manish for having Akshay and informs him that he should not receive any calls from this family until tomorrow. Mohini believes Chavi will be the reason Aparajita and her daughters leave this house. Mohini makes a vow to herself.

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