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Meet ask Ragini about Barfi and Neelu. Ragini believes they must be present. Raj inquires of Isha, “Did Barfi tell you anything?” Isha claims that I have no idea. Meet tells Isha, “I have something for you,” and hands her a brochure from Morden Walk Fashion School. Ragini claims this was your dream. Isha thanks them and says you care a lot about me. Meet describes this as a modest gift from us so that you can shape your own future. Meet Ahlawat recalls their conversation regarding Isha becoming self-sufficient. Meet claims that we must boost her confidence, which will occur only once she has established her career. Isha tells them that this is only feasible if Barfi lets me go to New York.

Neelu is asked to lie down by the doctor. Neelu expresses her opposition to abortion and requests that Barfi return home. The doctor has told me that I cannot perform the abortion till your daughter is ready. Barfi says abortion is required; don’t worry, I’ll speak with her; you do the planning. Barfi tells Neelu that this is her last chance to decide whether she wants the baby or her relationship with him. Meet Ahlawat, this is a curse that will ruin your relationship and leave you with nothing but regret. Neelu begs her not to kill, saying, “This is my baby, and I don’t want to kill.” Barfi advises from acting foolish since everyone will curse you. I’ll pay you twice if Barfi asks Doctor to fulfil her job. The doctor requests that the nurse put on curtains.

Meet enters her room and takes a seat in front of her dressing table. Meet Ahlawat and assist her in removing her necklace. They had a fantastic time together, and he falls asleep in her lap. Meet kiss him on the cheek.

Doctor and Nurse, Neelu pulls back the curtains. Barfi believes Laila has returned and recalls what Doctor told her about her dual personality. Laila threatens to kill you if you touch Neelu’s kid; she is weak, but not me. Doctor is choking on Laila. Barfi asks Laila to leave, and she grabs her from behind, telling her that if she doesn’t, she would ruin her life. Laila pushed her away and stabbed Barfi with a scissor. Meet says to meet Ahlawat shift or else we’ll be seen. Meet Ahlawat says, “I’ve decided to explain everything to Mom and Dad, I’ll tell them about every situation and how much I love you, Dad will shout but Mom will talk to him afterwards I’ll talk to Neelam and Barfi.” He approaches Meet and says that no one will be able to separate us.

Raj, Babita, Ragini, and Isha are present in the hall. Two Dhol players enter with Neelu and Barfi. Barfi approaches them. Masum yells at them to stop. Masum tells Barfi, “We were worried about you, and now you’re coming inside with Dhol.” Barfi replies, “We tell good news with Dhol.” I want to tell Raj and Babita that your pilgrimage was wonderful, and that Neelu is going to be the mother of Meet Ahlawat’s kid. Everyone is taken aback. Barfi offers them treats, but they refuse due to shock.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat when did you learn about the relation. Meet Ahlawat says when someone you love goes away then you realise the value of relation and Mrs. Meet Ahlawat I love you and you can’t seprate me from you. Meet hugs him. Meet Ahlawat says now let’s go to mom dad and tell them how much I love you.

Barfi tells Babita I expected you to hug me and bless Neelu after hearing the news, but you are in shock. Barfi says you will have a new member, but no one looks thrilled, not even Raj. Babita notes that because this is major news, it would take time for Raj to accept his happiness. Babita approaches Raj and says, “I think we should forget the past and start over.”

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat, “When did you find out about the relationship?” Meet Ahlawat believes that when someone you care about dies, you realise the value of relationships, and Mrs. Meet Ahlawat, I adore you, and nothing can ever separate us. Meet gives him a hug. Meet Ahlawat says, “Let’s go tell mom and dad how much I love you.”

Babita pleads Raj to accept it, to at least consider the kid, which is not his fault, and to attempt to persuade him. Meet and greet Ahlawat while travelling down the corridor. Meet Ahlawat, who is cheerful and says, “I’m ready for our fresh beginning,” and “I won’t hurt you ever,” as they walk downstair.

Meet Ahlawat says to Raj, “I’d like to speak with you.” Raj says, “I’d like to say something first,” and he calls Neelu claims to be pregnant with your child.

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