Meet 21st October 2022 episode written update

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Before you say anything, Raj says to Meet Ahlawat, I have something to say, and Raj phones Neelam. Meet Ahlawat, Raj continues, since she will be the mother of your child. Meet Ahlawat is stunned and believes I haven’t touched her yet. Please believe me, Meet. Meet believes I trust you more than I trust myself. Raj tells Neelam, “I never accepted you because you damaged his life, but if he has accepted you, I won’t stop you,” thus you are now a member of this family and Meet Ahlawat’s wife. Barfi and Neelam are overjoyed. Meet begins to cry.

Meet recalls Meet Ahlawat expressing his emotions. Raj recalls asking Meet to marry Meet Ahlawat and thinks to himself, “I’m sorry.” Raj tells Meet Ahlawat, “I only hope you don’t wreck this relationship and do the same thing you did to my daughter Meet.” Meet Ahlawat takes a look at Meet. Meet with smiles. Meet Ahlawat in the room, walks over to Neelam, and yells, “Who’s child is this?” “What foolishness is this?” “What new game is this?” Neelam begins to cry. Tell me the truth, says Ahlawat.

In her room, grieving with front of Meet, Barfi confesses, “I shudder in misery thinking about that day.” Meet tells her to control her emotions and tell her what it is. Meet Ahlawat yells at Neelam, saying I don’t want another forced relationship, stop lying, and tell me the truth. Neelam begins to cry. Meet Ahlawat soothes himself by giving Neelam water and asking her to confess the truth. Meet enters and declares, “I will tell you the truth.” Neelam rushes up to Barfi and embraces her. Barfi informs Neelam that she revealed the truth to Meet. Meet tells Meet Ahlawat that Neelam is terribly injured, that she was brutally tortured, that she was raped, and that the child is the offspring of a rapist. Barfi adds, “I’m broken watching what happened to Neelam; this society won’t allow her live happily after learning the truth, so I pushed Meet Ahlawat to marry Neelam; please forgive me, but save my daughter’s life, I ask you,” and she falls at Meet Ahlawat’s feet and begs, “Save my daughter.”

Hello, Ahlawat goes. Neelam begins crying and says, “Meet Ahlawat would kick me out of his life.” Meet tells Neelam that he has done nothing wrong, that he is not alone, and that he will fight beside him. Meet then orders Neelam to rest.

Barfi considers Neelam’s divided personality, and assures Laila that everything will be alright. Barfi believes Meet is now stuck, and she is willing to ruin her life in order to save my daughter’s. Meet Ahlawat is sitting alone, thinking of Meet, when Meet approaches up to him and asks why life throws so many problems at us.

Neelam awakens as Laila and departs. Barfi wakes up and notices that God Neelam is nowhere to be found. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet, I feel like holding your hand and leaving society and duties behind. Meet Ahlawat recalls his vow to Deep and wonders what he will do now. Meet tells him that any girl would break after being raped, therefore we must ensure Neelam that she is secure and that her perpetrator would be punished, and hugs Meet Ahlawat. Laila approaches from behind and becomes enraged at seeing them together. Barfi walks and thinks to himself, “God, Laila is back again; if Meet and Meet Ahlawat see her, all my drama will be for naught.”

Laila approaches them, and Neelam says, “Only bad times reveal who your true close ones are,” and “you two took a stand for me and thank you is a very small word and for the first time I felt someone knows my feelings, you two areade for each other, and I don’t want to come between such true love, I just want some time.” Barfi was perplexed. Neelam says she’ll depart once the kid is born. Neelam notices Meet’s mangalsutra on Meet Ahlawat’s hand and says, “You two should do Karvachauth pooja tomorrow, and I don’t want to come in between.” She then walks away.

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