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Meet in her room, crying, remembering whatever happened the day before. Raj approaches her and tells her, “You hide your tears in the darkness, but I can hear you crying, and that crying is my punishment; I kind of left you.” Meet claims you did nothing; it’s all about the circumstances. Raj claims you have a connection to this property, yet all of my enjoyment was given to Neelu.

Barfi is in her room. Neelu approaches her. Barfi begins lecturing her for ruining her happiness for someone else, if you try to do something I’ll break your legs, don’t try to leave this place and who would welcome you if you go. Meet Ahlawat has done so much for us, and I don’t want to harm their relationship, adds Neelu. Barfi shoved her. Neelu collapses on the floor, and her daughter Laila awakens. Laila, get up. Raj says to Meet, “I’m your culprit, and I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.” Remember, “you will always be my daughter-in-law/son.” Meet recalls how Barfi begged Meet Ahlawat, and she wipes Raj’s tear.

Laila, standing in front of the mirror, tells Neelu, “Don’t try to act smart, Neelu, this isn’t a movie,” and begins slapping herself. Barfi claims Laila is dominating again, so she walks up to her and tells her not to do it. Laila tells Barfi, “Can’t you see I’m in a crucial meeting, and if you come in between, I’ll murder you?” and pushes Barfi away. Barfi collapses. Laila tells Neelu, “You don’t want Meet Ahlawat, but I do.” She takes the glass in her hand and smashes it, and her hand begins to bleed. She draws a heart on the mirror with her blood, and writes Meet and her name in it.

Everyone in the hall is preparing for the Karva Chauth puja. Meet tells Ragini that every year, her father gives her sargi during Karwachauth. Raj hands thali to Ragini, Sunaina, and then stops while handing thali to Meet. Babita takes the thali from him and hands it to Neelu, saying, “This is for your daughter in law, you could feel hungry too much because you are pregnant, but you can keep the fast next year if you wish.” Barfi claims she is unconcerned. Ragini suggests that we eat now because we won’t be able to eat again until we see the moon. Masum says to Meet that you don’t need to fast, therefore who are you? Raj looks at her and she stops speaking. Meet suggests that you all begin eating.

Meet Ahlawat and give him a bracelet I want you to wear this, says Meet. Meet declines. Meet Ahlawat asks, “Why are you saying no? I gave you this gift for Karwachauth; did you fast for me?” Meet declares, “This time, Neelu is your wife, and I don’t want to accept the gift and make a mess.” Meet Ahlawat, make her sit, and tell her I never tried to understand what you wanted, I always did whatever I felt like, but this time I want to know what you want, our relationship was for society before, but now it’s between us, but the difference is that this time it will be hidden from everyone, I want to know if you still want to carry on our relationship and stand beside me. Masum outside their room hears them conversing and decides to burn your secret relationship.

Amma enters Ahlawat’s residence, calling out Meet. Raj, Babita, and Sunaina greet her. Amma says, “Enough, there’s no need to reveal anything; you’re being such a jerk to my Meet, and I’ll take her away.” Meet approaches her. Dadi invites you to accompany him. Meet Ahlawat and attempt to converse with her. Amma intervenes. Masum believes I’ll be seeing all the drama today because you were the reason I left the house earlier. Masum recalls phoning Amma and telling her everything about Neelu and her pregnancy, and how everyone accepted her as daughter-in-law. Barfi believes she has arrived without effort to take Meet, but she looks at Masum and says, “I have to find out who is behind the issue.” Meet Ahlawat, what more do you want to say, this girl fought for death because of you, but you choose to kill her every day? Meet Please don’t take her, Ahlawat says to Amma. Amma shoves and smacks him. Everyone was taken aback. Babita becomes enraged and shouts, “How can you slap my son?” Amma believes you should have shown strength when your son was dancing after learning he was going to be a parent.

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