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Babita becomes enraged and shouts, “How can you slap my son?” Amma believes you should have demonstrated strength when your son expressed joy at becoming a father. Babita says, “You are wrong, I now Meet did a lot for everyone in our family but now Neelu is mother for my son’s child and in this condition we accepted her as daughter in law of this house then nothing is wrong with that, a mother wants her child to be happy and every mother is selfish, in this condition you can take your daughter.” Raj asks, “What exactly are you saying, Babita?” Babita claims that my son also looked after Meet and her family. Keep your boy with you, Amma says; I’m taking her with me; I won’t keep her where she is not valued. Raj begs her and apologises. Babita requests that Raj not apologise. Raj requests that Babita keep quiet. Amma meets with her. Meet recalls her conversation with Meet Ahlawat about saving their relationship.

Meet points Amma asks how I can leave this family. Amma says you’ll feel stifled in this house and it’ll ruin your life; I can’t let you die here; come back, you have everything, but here you’ll be humiliated and referred to as the second wife. Meet replies, “I know I’ll gain respect and everything,” but over here, my second father is standing with his hands joined, and when a girl marries, she becomes linked to everyone, so how can I leave them? Amma thinks you’re correct, but consider that today is Karwachauth and your spouse will be celebrating with someone. I know you can bear anything, but I’m your grandma and I can’t bear seeing you in anguish. Meet says, “I know Karwachauth is for husband and wife, but everyone in our family is helping me to rejoice; this is a happy celebration.” Amma, who is crying, adds that parents want their children to be happy, and if you think you can be happy here, who am I to stand in your way? She gives her blessings. Amma walks up to Raj and apologises, saying, “I’m leaving my grandchild here; I know we are not rich like you, but we are rich in happiness; don’t make her miserable.” Amma walks up to Meet, hugging her, blessing her, and leaving her alone to grieve. Sunaina and Ragini exchange hugs.

Ragini and Sunaina conducting ceremonial preparations together. Sunaina believes Dadi overreacted and believes she should have talked first. Ragini claims that relationships are shattered due to misunderstandings or rage, that Babita and Dai were not at fault today, but that Babita should not have said anything because Amma is older than her. Babita walks over to Ragini and says, “I was not wrong, I told only the truth, and before she said anything to me, she should have done a reality check first.” Ragini says, “Forget that now, see I cooked thal for Karwachauth, how does it look?” Babita says, “It looks wonderful now, get ready.”

Babita is getting ready in her room. Meet begins assisting her in tying a knot in her hair. Babita recalls Amma slapping Meet Ahlawat and gets up, saying, “How dare you, your Dadi slapped my son, said many things to me and Raj all because of you, how dare you come into my room without asking me, go away from here.” Meet Ahlawat walks over to Babita and says, “Forgive now, you all are elders, scolding or slapping someone does not mean we lose our relationship, Meet did everything, please forgive her.” Babita says there’s no use in talking to you because you can’t see anything in front of her, and if you can’t see disrespect for your parents, there’s no point in saying anything, so please leave me alone. Neelu, who is standing outside, can hear everything.

Neelu is in the corridor. Start celebrating because you wanted them to be together, and now that it’s happening, you’re falling in love again, it’s time to celebrate. Neelu responds, “Please, they’re already doing a lot for us,” and walks away.

Sunaina, Ragini, and Masum working together. Ragini says Isha called and said she had arrived in Delhi for an interview; she hopes she is chosen and her dream of admission comes true. Meet approaches them. Masum looks at her and says, “Look at her how innocently she is standing, I bet she called Dadi so she could disgrace Mom and Dad since they accepted Neelu as daughter in law.” Meet Ahlawat, who will be celebrating Karwachauth with Neelu shortly because they will be parents. Ragini tells Masum that she should remember all the good things she did for her because she knew you were involved when her baby went missing and were always bad mouthing her. Masum believes I didn’t forget they were the reason I left the house.

Barfi tells Neelu, “You think they’re made for one other, which is why you promised them to celebrate Karwachauth together, so why are you getting set to go and help Meet, since soon he’ll cast you out of his life and make Mest his bride.” Neelu becomes enraged. Laila, please return. Babita asks whether all the arrangements have been made and where Neelu is; I’ll fetch her. Wait, says Meet, I’ll bring her.

Laila, looking in the mirror, says, “What happened?” Why are you so worried, Neelu? I’m the key to all of your troubles; Laila will perform all of the ceremonies with Meet Ahlawat, and I won’t let Meet be near my Meet Ahlawat. Meet as they walk towards their room.

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