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Meet along the corridor as you head towards Barfi and Neelu. Laila becomes enraged. Barfi feels I didn’t realise Laila would become so dominant on Neelu so quickly, and I suppose Laila doesn’t like Meet with Meet Ahlawat. Laila claims that every guy in town is upset at her, but I’m mad for Meet Ahlawat and will go to any length to obtain you. Laila tells Barfi, “You’ve shown Neelu how to be a stumbling block in Meet’s path; now I’ll teach you how to get rid of her.” Meet as you move towards the room and dial Neelu’s number. Barfi shut the door. Neelu selects a bottle of vodka and begins to consume it. When Barfi becomes concerned, she asks her to leave the bottle, and Barfi struggles to take it from her. Meet by knocking on the door. Barfi injects her from behind. Laila drops the bottle, and Barfi kicks it. Neelu passes out. Meet inquire what happened to her. Barfi claims she is pregnant and fasting because she is feeling weak. They force her to lie down on the bed. Meet claims that the room smells strongly of booze. Barfi claims that smeel is nail paint remover and that she can see broken broken glass, so she begins cleaning. Meet tries to rouse her. Neelu requests water. Meet says, “Wait, I’ll bring you some water,” and she walks away. Masum, as she walks away, adds, “I guess God wants me to teach Meet a few lessons and keep calm.”

Babita tells Ragini and Sunaina that they might take any jewellery set as a present. That set and bangle are for Neelu, and the rest of the gifts are for her pregnancy. Ragini inquires, “What about Meet?” Babita said she will never forget how her Dadi reacted to everyone. Masum approaches Babita and whispers something into her ears, saying, “Come with me.” They both depart. Sunaina thinks Masum will never be good because of what she said to mom, and she storms out. Ragini claims the problem is that she hasn’t seen any of the jewellery she adores, which she believes is crucial. Sunaina says, “Let’s go look.”

Meet tries to give Neelu water, but Babita stops her and scolds him, saying, “What were you doing, I can’t believe you can get this low, she kept fast, but you were trying to break it.” Meet responds no, she fainted and was requesting water. Barfi becomes agitated and says they will visit Laila if she awakens. Ragini asks Barfi why Meet is doing this. Babita adds because she is now her son’s bride and she is unhappy, your Dadi disrespected me, should I call her and tell her about it? Babita asks Masum to give her phone number. Meet says, “Do you think I can do this?” She was feeling dizzy, so I mixed salt sugar water for her. Neelu stands up and apologises to Babita, saying she requested Meet to get me water. Barfi feels relieved that Laila is not dominating. Neelu drink water says I drank water, therefore I broke my fast. Sunaina and Ragini are giggling. Babita says no pregnant woman can drink water or juice during the Karwachauth fast, but you can drink water from my son after pooja. Babita asks them why they are laughing so hard. Ragini says nothing, but we were laughing because someone tried to provoke us, but your Neelu prevented that plan from succeeding, so we were laughing. Babita tells everyone to come down because pooja is about to begin, and they leave. Meet tells Neelu that she drank water and is now unable to sit in puja. Neelu claims Karwachauth is for real couples, not me and him. Meet moves away. Masum, in her chamber, explains why Neelu has become Meet’s buddy. Hoshiyar approaches her and mocks her. Masum claims I’m upset and that you’re joking.

Everyone in the hall is making preparations for the puja. Meet Ahlawat approaches Meet and embraces her from behind. He asks him where his thali is and where he should bring it so that we can do the rite. Meet responds, “I think you’ve lost your memory; you only instructed me to keep our relationship hidden from family for a while, and now you’re asking for thali.” Babita, Ragini, and Neelu are performing pooja. Meet tells him, “You know, when I see Neelu, I feel awful because she’s completing all the rituals but hasn’t kept fast so that my fast will be effective.”

Meet Ahlawat assures her that the person who wronged her would be punished. Meet adds, “You know, sometimes individuals keep quiet because the people around them make them quiet.” Who believes that keeping silent can save a relationship? Hoshiyar and Ram suggest playing a game to keep everyone entertained. Meet says that’s a fantastic idea; let’s play pillow game. Ram says okay, and everyone begins playing the game. Babita begins to dance, and everyone begins to enjoy themselves. Raj and Babita perform a dance. Ram and Ragini are up next. Hoshiyar then dances with Masum. Meet is the next turn.

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