Meet 25th October 20222 episode written update

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Everyone is playing a game. At Meet, the music stops. Begin dancing when you meet. After then, Neelu joins her, and Laila awakens in the middle of the dance. Barfi is aware. Everyone stands up and begins to dance. Laila approaches Meet with a knife in her hand. Laila believes I will not leave this Meet today. Suddenly, the light goes out, and Laila stabs Meet. Meet yells and falls down. Ram requests that Hoshiyar check the light. Laila is stopped by Barfi. Meet Ahlawat on the floor. Ragini says she’ll carry a first-aid kit. Neelu says you were terribly affected by my mistake. Barfi claims that a nail is coming out of her bed; she must have been harmed by the nail. Come on, let’s get ready for puja, adds Babita. Barfi prays that Laila not come out until the pooja is over.

Everyone has left. Babita requests that Meet Ahlawat stand in front of Neelu. Meet Ahlawat and peek at Meet takes a walk to Neelu. Ragini claims that the moon is ours. The rite is performed by everyone. Meet Ahlawat is staring at Meet. Neeku responds, “Don’t worry, kalash is empty; we’ll simply pretend I’m giving you water,” promising Meet that this puja will be done together. Meet Ahlawat SMS Meet saying enter your room, there is something waiting for you.

Raj brings a milk cake for Babita, which he serves to her. Babita says, “Today is Neelu’s first Karwachauth with our son, and Meet is also present; don’t you think Neelu will be uncomfortable?” Raj claims that by giving Meet Ahlawat to Neelam, he is implying that Neelu does not deserve him. Babita responds, “Yes, I know, but what will we answer to others when things leave this house?” Raj believes you are heading in the wrong direction. What about Meet’s feeling that someone else is having fast for her husband’s age? Babita believes Meet should have gone with her Dadi. Raj claims that I embraced her as my son and that she has complete authority over every decision made in our house, and that we will not discuss this again.

Meet as you walk towards the ger room. Someone is hiding behind the drapes. Meet comes across a letter from Meet Ahlawat, which she reads. Someone knocks over a flower vase. Meet inquire who is there and find high heel imprints in her chamber, she claims nobody wears these sort of scandal in house. As Meet moves approaching the drapes, her phone begins to ring. Meet Ahlawat says, “I’ll count to 100, and if you don’t come to me before it’s finished, I won’t talk to you.” Laila says in her room as she picks out her clothing, “Whenever I get dressed, every man goes crazy for me. Now this same enchantment will be for Meet Ahlawat, and he will be mine forever, and someone’s happiness will fade.”

Meet Ahlawat finishes counting and walks over to him. Meet and Meet Ahlawat are close friends who spend romantic time together. Laila is watching them from upstairs. Meet Ahlawat is mine, cries Laila, how dare she go so close to him? Meet says to Meet Ahlawat that there are only a few minutes left for good time in Karwachauth, so please let’s do it quickly because I haven’t eaten anything since the morning. Meet Ahlawat says, “All right, let’s do puja.” They start with pooja. When you meet Ahlawat, make her wear a mangalsutra. After viewing them, Laila becomes envious and says, “Meet is thinking her fast for Karwachauth would be completed, but she doesn’t realise that Laila is just ordinary.” She blows air and everything turns white from red. Meet Ahlawat and Meet in disbelief. Laila says I should ask her how she plans to celebrate Karwachauth with my Meet Ahlawat.

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