Meet 29th October 2022 episode written update

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Deep is no longer, meet tell everyone. Everyone was taken aback. Ram responds, “Meet Ahlawat, you told us he went to work.” Ragini inquires of Barfi about this. She claims he is correct that Deep is not living. Meet claims that whatever Meet Ahlawat said about Deep was a lie so that Isha would not be attacked; Deep was hit by Isha’s car, and she was so afraid after the accident that she didn’t notice who she hit, and Meet Ahlawat was hiding this from everyone. Ram and Raging both collapse. Meet Ahlawat claims that I didn’t have any other options, which is why I decided to keep this to myself. Meet Ahlawat first considered Deep’s family as his and took care of Neelu and Barfi, according to Meet. Barfi, crying, says he did more for us than a child and that I will never be able to repay all he did for us. Meet claims that Isha was going to live her dream when she discovered the Deep Death certificate.

Raj will explain Ram understands that it’s difficult to accept, but you have to realise that we didn’t know about our Ishas’ life; she’s still young, and we have to consider her future. Raj takes a walk to Meet Ahlawat says, “I harmed you a lot but you didn’t say anything, you are the best son in the world, please forgive me.” Meet Ahlawat embraces him. Babita walks up to Ragini and says, “We can’t alter what happened, but when Isha returns from the hospital, we will shower her with love.” Raging explains why I shouldn’t weep. Sunaina says, “Listen, you merely stated no one will grieve, so you won’t cry for her.” Barfi says, “See, I wiped my tears, and now you do it; we have to combat our difficulties.” Meeting Ahlawat, he joins his hand and says, “I have no other option and I conducted all the procedures for Deep,” apologising to everyone. Raj says we’ll pay honour to Deep.

Everyone in the hall was paying their respects to Deep. Meet Ahlawat recalls his friendship with Deep. Everyone recalls their time with Deep. Everyone stands up and clasps their hands in front of Deep’s photograph. Raj says Deep will be remembered as a pleasant memory among us because he always tried to make everyone happy, therefore whenever we think of him, we won’t cry. Ragini is in her room, looking through a photo album. Ram approaches her. Ragini shares her feelings with Ram while looking at Deep and Isha’s photo. Ragini displays Isha’s photograph. Ram tries to calm her down by saying that we must be strong and be the strength of our Isha, and that when she is well, we must assist our daughter in following her new path.

Meet Ahlawat in the corridor. Meet approaches him and calms him, saying, “I’m lucky to have you.” He writes, “I was able to tell everyone the truth due of you,” and “I love you Meet.” Neelu overhears them conversing. Meet and Ahlawat exchange hugs. Meet tells him not to get too sentimental because we have a baby naming ceremony in the morning tomorrow and a lot of preparations to make, so go rest. Barfi notices Neelu heading towards Meet. Meet turns around as Neelu is going to push her. Barfi becomes concerned. Meet tells Neelu, “Go to sleep, you’ll be exhausted,” and walks away.

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