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Neelu is chopping veggies in the kitchen. Meet approaches Ahlawat and walks to her. When you meet, attempt to explain to her why you need to notify her about the crime and inquire about the criminal. Neelu becomes agitated. Meet says you can trust me with the identity of the criminal. Neelu becomes terrified. Meet asks her repeatedly and adds you don’t have to be afraid. Meet Ahlawat says, “We’ll talk to her when she’s ready.” When Meet answers no, she has to raise her voice and ask her again. Neelu becomes terrified. In the police station, Ragini inquires about the matter with Inspector. The inspector handed her a letter that stated, “We got this from that lady, and your name was written on it, therefore we phoned you.” Ragini is shocked after seeing the letter; Ragini receives a call from Ram but hangs up. Inspector claims that we raided a rave party and that this female gave us your name. Inspector requests that the constable contact the girl.

Neelu, terrified, claims that I am unable to reveal anything. Stops to meet Ahlawat Meet advises not to press her because she is traumatised and that they would talk to her when she is ready. Meet Ahlawat tells Neelu to calm down, get up, nobody will say anything, we will talk about this later, just get up for now. Neelu stands up and walks away. Meet believes we must ask her so she can battle for herself; the way you defended her today, she won’t say anything; she has the face.

Outside his residence, Hoshiyar asks his pals to leave and declares, “I’m not going anywhere.” His buddies invite him to join them in watching Laila’s dance. Hoshiyar motioned for them to leave. He notices Meet standing there staring at him. Hoshiyar approaches her. Meet tells him, “I thought you respected women.” Hoshiyar says that because of my condition, I have to share a room with them; I don’t go anyplace, and please don’t tell Masum about this. When you meet him, ask him about Laila. Hoshiyar walks inside after telling her about Laila’s condition and circumstances.

Meet Ahlawat as they assists Neelu in lying down. Meet Ahlawat says to rest, and I’ll talk to Meet so she doesn’t make you say anything. Meet Ahlawat, who is assisting her in setting her pillow. Laila awakens and pushes him, causing him to fall over her. Laila believes that this is the first step toward making you mine. Meet says I have to take Meet Ahlawat to the bar so he may meet Laila and learn about her experience, which would help him understand why girls should raise their voices.

Ragini is taken aback after seeing a female. Ragini is asked to sign papers by the inspector. Inspector says you’re free to take her with you. Ragini begins to walk. Girl comes to a halt and says, “I expected you’d hug me after meeting; you look uncomfortable, but don’t worry, it’s our first meeting; now tell everyone who I am; I’m coming with you to your house.” Ragini says no, I can’t take you home since we’ve been together for so long and if you do something, everything will be ruined; I can promise to meet you but can’t take you there. Girl says everything is about you, what about me are you concerned about? You are concerned about how you can tell everyone about our relationship, right? Ragini says she simply wants some time, so she gives her money and tells her to go stay in a hotel and I’ll come and meet her. She tells you to preserve this since you don’t deserve to say anything right now. Ragini Leavy and request that she not come home.

Ram is waiting for Ragini. Ragini enters the house. Ram inquires as to where they were and what happened. Ragini claims that she went to the temple to provide food to the beggers in the name of the infant. Ram believes you must have told me I was concerned. Everyone is nervous as they sat in puja Ragini. Let’s start with the ceremony, says Pandit. Raj hands over a basket containing all of the name chits and states that the baby will choose her name. Everyone is ecstatic. Baby selects one slip. Raj takes the slip and declares that her name shall be Shwetlana from now on. Masum becomes delighted and says, “I wrote that name, and tell me the story behind it.” Hoshiyar smiles at her and requests that Meet take one more slide. I’m sorry, Meet, rules are rules. Pandit requests that the baby’s name be written on the thali. Masum was ready to write the name, but someone else wrote Mishri on the thali. Ragini was taken aback when she saw Ishani. Masum becomes enraged and inquires as to your identity. She introduces herself as Ishani, and Ragini will explain who I am; after all, she brought me here. Ram asks Ragini whether she knows her and if she is related to him. Ishani says, “Wait a minute, I’ll tell you that remaining quiet is not the solution,” and asks Ragini, “Will you tell them or should I?” Ragini refers to her daughter.

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