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The episode begins with Prarthana misinterpreting Pratha’s reference to her as her daughter. She remembers Anmol requesting her to do her haldi and wonders how she can let Anmol marry Rudra. Rudra sees her and decides he does not want to marry Anmol because he cannot damage her life in this way. Prarthana takes Anmol’s wedding gown and wonders where she is. Someone strikes the matchstick. Rudra informs his parents that he does not wish to marry. Anmol enters her room and discovers her clothes on fire. Pratha and others arrive. Sayali asks, “Who burned it?” Prarthana, according to Urvashi, brought it. Urvashi, according to Pratha, is responsible for this. Prarthana says she kept it but hasn’t done anything with it. Pratha assures Anmol that she will give her bridal gown to her. Urvashi is invited to accompany her. Prarthana believes she must put an end to the marriage in some way. Rudra informs his parents that he does not wish to marry Anmol since he adores Prarthana. His father asks if he talked to Prarthana and warns him that if Rishabh finds out, he will ruin his life. Anmol’s friend notices them.

Pratha brings Urvashi and Patali to a room and informs them that she is Shesh Naagin and that she will kill them. She carries them in her tail. Patali believes she is unaware that she is not Shesh naagin. Pratha warns them and dresses in her wedding gown. Urvashi claims she is unaware that she is not Shesh Naagin. Patali claims she murdered my daughter. Urvashi claims she murdered my daughter. Patali claims that she must pick between Anmol and Prarthana, and that this will break her heart. Pratha transports Anmol to the mandap, while Rudra’s buddy transports him. As she approaches, Anmol grins and invites Prarthana to accompany her. ¬†Prarthana walks with her. Sayali gives the garland.¬†

Rudra and Anmol accept. They exchange garlands and prepare to marry. Rudra is still thinking about Prarthana and looking at her. They start performing the rituals. Prarthana walks to the side and turns off the main switch. In this darkness, the pals speculate on how the marriage will take place. Prarthana blasts a strong wind. Anmol coughs and requests water. She goes to get some water. Pratha wonders if this is a hint of trouble. Prarthana assumes the form of Rudra. Anmol arrives. He (she) provides her with water. Anmol passes out after drinking it. Prarthana is lifted by Rudra and believes she has saved her sister. She forces Anmol to sit on the bed.

Rishabh goes to examine the fuse. Prarthana appears and sits beside Rudra, veil covering her face. Rishabh places his hand on her head. They begin taking turns. Pandit ji orders that she wear mangalsutra and sindoor. When Anmol arrives and calls Pratha, Rudra forces her to wear a mangalsutra and apply sindoor to her maang. Anmol’s presence astounded Pratha and the others. Pratha announces who is seated on the mandap. The veil is lifted off her face as the wind blows. Everyone notices Prarthana and Rudra sitting together. Anmol approaches the mandap and notices Prarthana sitting with Rudra. Pratha inquires of Prarthana, “What are you doing here?” and “Why did you switch places with Anmol?” Anmol claims she went to get some water when she fainted and was taken to the hospital. Pratha forces Prarthana to stand and slaps her hard. She asks how you accomplished it and how you can sit on my daughter’s mandap. Prarthana claims that I sat on the mandap when mahurat was ending since I couldn’t find Anmol. She claims that I considered making Anmol sit, but she did not return. She claims, “I was hoping that your reputation and respect would not be harmed.” Rishabh questions Anmol about her departure from mandap. Anmol claims she went to get some water when she passed out. Rishabh inquires, “Who gave you water?” Anmol adopts Rudra’s surname. Rudra claims I did not provide her with water. Anmol’s friend claims, “I will tell you the truth,” implying that Rudra lied. Rudra, she claims, did not want to marry Anmol because he adores Prarthana. Rishabh becomes enraged. Patali and Urvashi are both smiling.

Rudra’s father denies this. Rudra is blamed by Anmol’s friends. Pratha says she’ll look into the camera. Everyone has seen the CCTV footage of Rudra handing her water. It demonstrates that he put sleeping drugs in the water. Prarthana believes Rishabh and Rudra would be terribly insulted, and this is the beginning of her retaliation. Rudra claims that this is a falsehood because he was not present. Rishabh then inquires, “Who was it?” Prathana believes I was present. She apologises and adds, “I’m sorry, I did this to save your family’s reputation and standing.” Rudra claims that the footage is incorrect because I was only present. His parents inform him that they do not approve of the marriage and that Rudra and Anmol will marry. Anmol expresses her dissatisfaction with the marriage and informs Rishabh that she will marry him. Sayali claims Rudra and Prarthana are now married. Rudra’s mother requests that he sit on the mandap during Anmol’s wedding. Rishabh inquires of Prarthana whether Anmol can marry Rudra. He inquires of Rudra about his feelings for Prarthana. He advises Rudra that if he loves Anmol, he must tell her. Prarthana believes she married him in order to save Anmol. Rishabh requests that Rudra respond. Anmol prompts him to respond. She claims that Rudra does not love Prarthana but does love me. She claims that we will marry. Rudra brushes Anmol’s hand away and tells Rishabh that he respects him and speaks the truth. He confirms, “I love her, I love Prarthana.” Everyone is taken aback. Rudra claims that I tried to notify Anmol, but she ignored me. He claims I should have approached you directly. He claims that I adore Prarthana.

Rishabh claims that you have played with two girls’ hearts, that you adore Prarthana, and that your marriage will be completed with her. He informs Prarthana that she does not have a father and that all she did was done to maintain their respect. He begs her to consider him her father. Rishabh says Pratha. Rishabh believes I am acting in Anmol’s best interests. He tries to persuade Anmol to let Rudra marry Prarthana. Anmol questions Rudra on why he did this since he knows he has loved him since childhood. Rudra apologises for hurting her feelings and threatens to divorce his wife. Rishabh interrupts them and urges Prarthana to consider him her father, explaining that it is his job to see the marriage through. He tells Rudra that he will never forgive him, but he is not disappointed because he did not ruin Anmol’s life. Pratha believes something is awry. Anmol tells Rishabh that she believes he loves her. Rishabh responds, “Yes, but I can’t force any guy to love you,” and adds, “You didn’t lose Rudra, but Rudra lost you.” He pledges to find her a good guy. He encourages her to let it happen and tells Prarthana that she resembles Pratha and that they married in a similar situation. She claims that because I am similar to your Papa, I will do your kanyadaan. Okay, Sir, says Prarthana. Rishabh calls himself Papa. Prarthana refers to him as Papa. Anmol believes this girl has stolen my heart, and her father backs her up.

Rishabh gets Rudra to pour sindoor in Prarthana’s hairline and then marries her. Rudra takes the place of sindoor in Prarthana’s hairline. Anmol’s friend arrives and informs him that Anmol walked to the terrace and climbed on the railing. Everyone rushes to the location. Patali predicts that everything will be destroyed. Pratha invites Anmol to join her. Anmol inquires as to who. She claims that my heart did not break today, yet I am broken today. She claims I don’t want to live unless I marry her. She expresses a desire to die. Rishabh tries to put a halt to her. Anmol apologises to his father and informs him that he will not be returning. She leaps over the railing. Rishabh clutches her hand and swears that if she falls, he will also fall. Pratha thinks to take Naagin avatar to save Anmol.

Rishabh attempts to lift Anmol and she falls. Prarthana encases everyone, including Anmol, in her naagin avatar. Everyone is set free after seeing Anmol on the flowers. Everyone is rushing to her. Pratha sees naagin and believes that some naagin has frozen time and saved Anmol.

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