“Our contracts stipulate not taking up a side job with a competitor”: Wipro on Moonlighting

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According to PTI news agency, Wipro CEO Thierry Delaporte stated that it is an “ethical question” to collaborate with competing businesses. The senior notes, cited in the report, “Our contracts forbid us from working a second job for a rival. It is an ethical issue rather than a legal or propriety one “. Added he, “I’m not referring about unlawful activity. I’m not referring to secondary jobs. In reality, I’m referring about having a clear conflict of interest. Our staff members, I believe, are aware of that.”

Delaporte added that other IT firms, like Tech Mahindra, don’t object when employees take on additional work beyond office hours “We respect others’ freedom to be without issues. But we are also not taking any novel or unconventional steps.”

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Wipro, Infosys, IBM, and other Indian IT companies, on the other hand, demonstrated their vehement opposition to the topic. In September, Wipro fired 300 workers after discovering they were working side jobs. While the exact method by which Wipro discovered its workers who were moonlighting is still unknown, a notion that went viral on Twitter claimed that Wipro discovered moonlighters after gaining access to their pension funds.

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