Pandya Store 16th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Krish inviting Shiva and Raavi to join him. He inquires about Dhara’s whereabouts. Suman inquires, “Where were you when you went to get Dhara?” Raavi claims I was repairing this dupatta. Raavi is signed by Rishita. Suman believes they have no idea what they are up to. Krish calls Gautam and says, “I won’t marry without you.” Gautam considers lying to him. He claims to have a stomach ache, that Dhara is with him, and that if the marriage rituals begin, we will arrive. He claims that he knows Krish will not break our promise. Krish claims he instructed me to begin the rituals. According to Pandit, there will be no mahurat for the next three months. Jankana says, “Please.” Don’t embarrass me, says Krish. Suman says it’s Dhara’s fault; tell me what’s going on. Suman says the Maun vrath is over, and you can tell me right now. Shiva is asked to say something. Shiva gives a sign. Maun vrath over, tell me now, she says. I’m not sure, says Shiva. She inquires about Dhara. Raavi says, “I’m not sure.” Suman requests that Rishita tell him where Dhara is. Rishita says, “I’m not sure.” Shweta believes Dhara learned about the jewellery.

Dhara beats Deven and asks if he will not attend your sister’s wedding. Deven says I don’t have a sister, so stop beating me. She inquires as to what you mean by Shweta not being your sister. Suman claims that Dhara demands complete attention at all times. Rishita mentions that she might have some work. Suman says it means you already know, so tell me. Shweta believes that this marriage should take place. She appears dizzy. Jankana provides her with water. She requests that they proceed with the marriage. Suman invites Krish to the wedding.

Raavi believes that the marriage must be stopped. Rishita says we’ll come to a halt. She unfolds the gathbandhan. Jankana inquires as to how the gathbandhan got started. Rishita says it’s fine, I’ll tie it. She takes a long time. Raavi suggests that I tie it. They both postpone the wedding. Everyone is perplexed. Suman inquires if the entire family will be present for gathbandhan right now. Rishita believes that Dhara’s presence is sufficient. Dhara says, “Tell me the truth or I will leave you,” so tell me before the truth comes to you. Deven claims to be Shweta’s ex-boyfriend and Chiku’s father. Dhara is taken aback.

Deven says she still loves me; tell me, can you refuse any girl who offers you money and love? She chastises and slaps him. Rishita and Raavi attempt to blow away the diya. Krish and Shweta are in charge of the diya. Rishita wonders where Dhara is, and if this marriage occurs before the truth is revealed, then… Deven claims that Shweta told him about the money and jewellery in your house, and that we both conspired to steal it. Dhara is taken aback.

Pandit says the elder bahu will now keep five fruits on the bride’s hands. Suman invites Rishita to join him. Rishita claims that he said elder bahu. Suman says you are also an elder, so come and distribute the fruits. Rishita acts and then delays even more. Raavi chuckles. Rishita drops the fruits and apologises. Pandit requests that she hurry up. Wait, Rishita says, I’ll have the juice first. Suman summons Raavi to come and deliver the fruits to Shweta, and Rishita’s drama continues. Raavi sneezes and says, “I don’t know why I’m sneezing.” Rishita requests juice for Raavi. Raavi requests water. Shiva says they’re doing time travel, and I’ll give them the fruits. He hands over the fruits to Shweta. She expresses gratitude to him. Deven claims that it is not only my fault, but also hers, so why should I be punished? Dhara claims she will be punished as well. He gets slapped by her. Gautam summons Dhara. Deven shoves her and takes off in the cab. She says she’ll get you soon, but she has to stop this marriage because Shweta can’t be our house bahu. Pandit requests that the groom and bride stand for pheras. Rishita and Raavi are concerned.

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