Pandya Store 17th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Krish and Shweta making their way through the wedding reception. Mainu Jogi hona…plays… Raavi inquires whether we should halt the rounds. No, Rishita says, not yet. Gautam notices Dhara. Dhara retrieves the bag. She grabs it and flees. Gautam comes next. Shweta is forced to wear the mangalsutra by Krish. Everyone applauds them. Rishita confirms that Sindoor will be present. She believes this is her last chance to end the marriage. She conceals the sindoor box within her dupatta. Everyone searches for the sindoor. Golmaal…plays… Rishita gives Pandit the sindoor box. Everyone is watching. Oh, it was with me, she says. Krish fills Shweta’s maang’s sindoor. Shweta understands Deven’s message… I’ve told Dhara the truth; you’re going to jail now. She is taken aback. Everyone applauds. Suman claims the marriage is over, but Dhara remains missing.

Dhara comes with a bag. She sobs when she sees Shweta with Sindoor. Everyone is concerned about Dhara. Shiva drapes the dupatta over Dhara. Rishita inquires as to your well-being. Gautam and Shiva inquire as to what transpired. Everyone wonders where Dhara was and who she was following. Suman demands that you tell us the truth. Dhara wags her finger at Shweta. Shweta believes I must act or else my plan will fail. She pretends to pass out. Dhara collapses. Rishita and everyone else are holding her. Suman is concerned. Gautam lifts Dhara and carries her away. Rishita claims that Shweta is just pretending to faint and that she knows how to bring her back to consciousness. Raavi takes a cup of water and sprinkles it on Shweta’s face. Shweta is pinched by Rishita. Shweta is still acting, and she believes I will see Rishita later. Shweta is led inside by Krish. Dhara and Shweta are being examined by a doctor. She claims they fainted due to exhaustion and stress and that they will be fine if they rest. Dev invites Rishita to join him because Shweta and Dhara are tired. Rishita claims that someone should be present if they require assistance. Shweta considers becoming conscious in order to drive Rishita away. She takes action and inquires as to what happened to Dhara. Rishita asks why you were scared when you saw Dhara and if you know what happened to her.

Gautam says we have to leave soon, Shweta will take care of Dhara, and you come with us. Rishita says Shweta also needs care, and she won’t take care of Dhara, so she’ll stay here. She asks Dev to give her Chutki, and Dhara will get up if she makes Chutki lie beside her. Shweta believes Rishita must leave from here. Chutki sobs. Rishita takes the child. Dev invites her to come; Raavi also requires assistance with packing. Rishita believes I will reveal your truth this time.

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