Pandya Store 18th October 2022 episode written update

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The Episode begins with Shweta saying I will take care of Dhara. Rishita mocks her. Shweta motions for them to leave. Dhara, get up and ask me whatever you want, she thinks. Shiva appears to assist Raavi. She claims I don’t require assistance. The bag collapses. He asks, “What’s your problem?” You always accuse me. She inquires whether I am accusing you. No, he says, you do my aarti. Rishita claims that I have completed the packing. Dev says there’s no need for drama right now. Rishita claims that she will not allow bidaai to take place until the truth is revealed. The bag collapses. They notice the jewellery. Shweta knocks over the water jug. She selects a piece of glass. Shiva says it’s about my respect, and I’m not sure how to explain it to you. In rage, he kicks the bag. He claims you have a problem with my anger, which will remain constant. He disagrees with Raavi. She also kicks and breaks a bag in rage. She chastises him. She claims I have no patience, that your ego will not allow you to solve your problems, that you could have helped me, but you didn’t message or call me, that you don’t love me, and that you are a fraud.

Rishita keeps the jewellery. Dev thinks Suman should have this jewellery; what does it have to do with you? Tell me the truth. Rishita asks if you’ll believe the truth: Shweta made fake jewellery, Dhara couldn’t attend the wedding because she couldn’t find the real jewellery, and Shweta was sending this out with someone. Dhara becomes aware. Shweta appears distressed. She asks Dhara not to get down because there are glass shards on the floor. Dhara inquires if you are concerned about me. Shweta claims I did this to explain the situation. Shiva says you broke my bag and got happy, fine, I don’t love you, I won’t apologise, did you call or message me, you’re the same as me, there’s no difference, I’ll stay the same, you can stay if you want or go to hell. He walks away.

I don’t know why I loved him, says Raavi. Gautam claims Dhara missed Krish’s wedding and wonders where she went and what happened to her. Shiva appears and inquires as to where I intend to store the bags. Gautam inquires if you fought with Raavi. No, Shiva says, it doesn’t matter. Suman claims that no one cares about each other. She requests that they keep the gifts and bags. Dhara says, “I’m not going to listen to you; I’m going to call Gautam.” Chiku sobs. Krish appears and assists them. Gautam says you don’t do the work, so take care of Chiku. He receives a call from Dhara. He claims, “I believe she became conscious.” Shweta steals Dhara’s cellphone. She says, “I’m not going to let you talk to anyone.” She assures Gautam that she will get Dhara downstairs. He says sorry.

Dhara yells at Shweta. Shweta will receive Dhara, says Gautam. Suman reports that they are fine. Shweta is chastised by Dhara. She claims you married Krish, but I will not ruin his life by revealing your true identity. Please take a moment to listen to Shweta. She comes to a halt and begs Dhara. Dhara says, “I’m not going to listen to you.” Shweta responds, “No, I know Deven gave you the jewellery, I was helpless, and I will show you.” She claims to have read the threatening messages. Dev applauds and says, “You told a good story.” Suman has the fake jewellery, she is happy, she should know how Shweta is fooling her, says Rishita. Dhara confirms that Deven is Chiku’s father. Shweta gives a nod. Dhara asks when you were going to tell us this; you lied to us about him being your namesake brother; are you not ashamed? Shweta warns me that he is dangerous; I did as he instructed, and he reappeared in my life.

Dhara claims that we never judged you in the past because Krish loved you, and everyone accepted you. Rishita warned me about you and told me not to trust you because you are a liar and a cheat, and this marriage happened today and will end today. Shweta says no, give me a chance. Dev says that even if you are telling the truth, it is pointless because the marriage has already occurred. Rishita says she can’t fool us, and I’m going to tell mum everything. We’ll take Chiku to Dhara, according to Gautam. Rishita says, “Wait a minute, I have something important to say.” Krish transports Chiku to Dhara. Suman inquires, “Shall we guess the matter, tell me?” Rishita says she came to inform you that the jewellery you have is a forgery. Suman wonders why Dhara took the genuine ones. Rishita says, “I’ll show you the real ones.” Dev tells Suman to tell him later, and Chutki has gone potty. Suman says go clean it, but I’ll listen to Rishita first. Chutki, according to Dev, is crying. Raavi arrives. Rishita says I’m not going. Dev lifts Rishita and carries her away. Rishita requests that Dev leave her alone.

Suman inquires as to what is the matter. Gautam responds, “I’m not sure.” Suman claims that Dhara took money for genuine jewellery, so why would she make fake jewellery? Shiva praises Dhara while mocking Raavi. Rishita requests that Dev leave her alone. Suman inquires as to why she is shouting. Shweta says, “I couldn’t believe that something good could happen to me; I’ve only seen sorrow in my life.” Dhara says, “Don’t cry crocodile tears in front of me, what will I tell Krish, he dreamed of spending his life with you, how to break his dreams, I can’t let him cry his whole life, I will tell Krish your truth.” Krish enters the room.

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