Pandya Store 19th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Dhara insisting on exposing Shweta to the family. Shweta tells my Dhara that Deven kidnapped Chiku in order to persuade her. He is the Forum mentioned by Rishita. She claims that Deven told her that if she gave him money, he would leave Chiku. However, she stopped him from taking the money. She claims it was his old habit to ask her for money. She claims he forced her to rob.

Dhara does not believe her. Shweta claims that Deven has her robbery video and was blackmailing her. Shweta uses Chiku to manipulate Dhara. She claims that she has gone above and beyond for Chiku, and that Dhara would have done the same in her place. She requests that Dhara tell the truth to the family. They will then expel her and Chiku. They must beg once more on the streets. When Dhara opens the door, Krish is holding Chiku. Krish wonders who will beg. He tries to hand Chiku over to Dhara. However, Dhara departs. Shweta is worried about whether Dhara is convinced or not.

Dev locks himself in their room with Rishita in order to prevent Rishita from telling Suman the truth. Suman directs Dev to unlock the door. He complies. Rishita informs Suman that Shweta duplicated her jewellery and exchanged it for the originals in the pool. Suman, she claims, has duplicate jewellery. Suman wonders why Shweta would do such a thing. Meanwhile, Krish questions Shweta about why Dhara left the room tense and what they were discussing. He begs her to respond. Shweta lies about Dhara pleading with her to keep Krish happy. Krish describes Dhara as selfless. He also promises to keep her satisfied. Shweta sets out to find Dhara. Suman requests that Dhara be called.

Dhara then arrives and lies that she made duplicate jewellery to prevent the original from being stolen, but it was robbed. However, she spotted the thief. Rishita is taken aback by this. Suman questions Dhara about what Rishita said. She expresses her confusion. Shweta and Krish arrive at the location. Shweta is terrified of being discovered. Dhara claims that Rishita became paranoid following the robbery in their home.

She claims that they only got their jewellery back because of Rishita. She claims that if she hadn’t been so suspicious, she would not have created duplicate jewellery. She thanks Rishita and apologises for not telling Rishita her entire plan, which led to the misunderstanding. Dhara embraces Rishita. The latter pushes her away and declares her hatred for her. Shweta hugs Dhara and declares her love for her. Suman says to get ready to go home. Dhara concurs. Rishita confronts Dhara and demands to know why she lied to the family. Dhara recounts Deven confessing to being Shweta’s ex-husband and Shweta claiming that Deven kidnapped and blackmailed Chiku. Rishita laughs and tells Dhara that she is mistaken in trusting Shweta, who is a liar. Dhara is adamant that Shweta lied. Shweta, she claims, did everything for Chiku. Rishita claims that Chiku caused her to melt. Dhara disputes this.

Dhara believes that they should give Shweta the opportunity to forget her past and move on with Krish. Rishita questions why Dhara didn’t tell her family the truth if she had so much faith in Shweta. She claims that Shweta told this story to Dhara rather than Suman because Dhara is easily persuaded. Dhara, she claims, began to break up the family by lying. She will not let this matter go. She believes that the original jewellery should be kept by Dhara, Rishita, or Suman until the truth is revealed to the family.

Shweta’s parents give her an emotional send-off. Dhara promises to look after Shweta. Rishita believes her family is bringing home a disaster, not a daughter-in-law. Shweta’s parents later praise the Pandyas, emphasising their self-esteem after learning that they paid half of the wedding expenses. Shweta’s mother inquires of Shweta’s father whether he has made any changes to the property papers. He nods in agreement. Shweta and Krish are welcomed by the Pandyas. Shweta carries out the griha pravesh rituals. She accidentally kicks the bowl of rice out of the house. Suman believes Shweta committed a bad omen.

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