Pandya Store 20th October 2022 episode written update

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Suman scolds Shweta at the beginning of the episode. Suman believes it’s a bad omen. Dhara believes it is all in the mind. Rishita chuckles. Suman inquires whether I made a joke and why you are laughing. Rishita claims that the Lord is sending us a sign, but you are unable to comprehend it. Shweta and Krish walk into the house. The gruhpravesh occurs. Guests also arrive. Suman says there is no lunch programme, thank you for coming, and you may depart. The ladies depart. Shweta, you can’t sleep in Krish’s room before Mu dikhai, so you sleep in Rishita’s room today, says Suman. Rishita wonders why, my room is cluttered, Chutki cries at night, you don’t want Shweta to develop dark circles, right, it’s a bad idea. Suman says, “You went to Shweta’s room to be friends; I’ll give you another chance; you sleep in the same room and become best friends.” Suman requests that Rishita hand over the jewellery bag. Shweta considers selling the jewellery to make money. Rishita believes I will not give it to her. She claims we’ve already become good friends (ask Shweta), that we had a good time on the bus, but she told me something on the bus that touched my heart (ask Shweta about it). She asks Shweta to inform Suman that she will not be upset. Suman requests that Shweta say something.

Rishita claims she was saying that she is careless with her jewellery and that she wants to keep it in the locker for security. Suman agrees, Krish’s decision cannot be wrong. Rishita agrees that Shweta is the right person for Krish. Shweta is asked if she felt bad when she told Suman about her feelings. Shweta says, “Why would I?” Suman says, “End this now, I’m tired, I’ll sleep, and you all will sleep.” She brings the jewellery with her. Raavi believes Rishita is correct; Shweta will be tired; I will take her to my room. Rishita thinks it’s a good idea. She hugs Shweta and tells her, “You came inside the house, but only for a short time; I will bring your truth out.” Shweta says, “I got married; I’m Krish’s wife and Suman’s favourite bahu; we’ll see what you can do.” Gautam believes Dhara is hiding something. They all leave. Shweta expresses gratitude to Dhara. She says, “I need your help; don’t tell anyone else or Krish will feel bad.”

Dhara says I have no intention of telling anyone, but please don’t betray my trust. Shweta expresses gratitude. Gautam remembers everything. Dhara hugs him and says, “Now that all the kids are married, we can live in peace; take me somewhere.” She cracks a joke. He says that every relationship should begin with the truth, not a lie; tell me what happened, why you were upset, who you were following, and what Shweta’s role is in this. Dhara claims I’m not concealing anything. I want to know the truth, he says. She declares that the matter is closed. He says, “I’m not going to believe your story; tell me where you made the fake jewellery.” She begs him to believe her. He claims you have made numerous messes while doing good for the family. She says, “I’m not going to say anything to you; go join Rishita’s gang.” He says, “Fine, I’ll go.” She tells me not to fight with me today. He says I’m going to Krish.

Gautam and Shiva approach Krish and grab his leg. Dev also shows up. Gautam believes that marriage is a big responsibility, and that the golden rule is to always listen to Shweta. Dev laughs and says, “What a joke, Rishita kicked me out of the room because I was sleepy.” They both laugh. Dev says to sort it out so you don’t get caught up in the problems of your wife and mother. Gautam claims you were too late in advising him. Dev inquires as to why Gautam has come here. Gautam suggests Dhara… I had a feeling Krish would be busy starting tomorrow, so I decided to have a bro talk. Dev says, “We know why you came here, and we will sing and dance for you.”

They sing ye raat aur ye duri…  as well as dance They fantasise about romancing their wives. They both laugh. Dhara says it’s Shweta and Krish’s new beginning, but I won’t say anything about Shweta. Shweta says, “I have a flight tomorrow, and I don’t care about this marriage or this family once Mom names me as the custodian.”

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