Pandya Store 21st October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Krish smiling as he sees Shweta and his wedding photos. Shweta believes I must travel to Dubai from here. Krish sends her a message. What happened to him, she wonders. He receives a response from her. He invites her to come, they will talk, and he will show her wedding photos. They converse. He greets her with a heart-shaped greeting. She believes he became enraged because of me. She responds with “I love you, too,” and returns the salutation. He is overjoyed.

It’s morning, and Shweta and Krish have received their gifts from the family. She believes that these gifts will help me with my costs. Suman invites Rishita to join him. Rishita displays her silver anklet. Suman inquires as to why you did not give her any gold jewellery. Dev claims that I bought gold earrings for Shweta. Rishita claims that jewellery was taken and that everyone knows who stole it. Shweta wonders when Deven went to her room. Rishita says, “I received a magnificent anklet; does this gift tell us about our hearts?” No. Suman signs Dhara says it’s lovely; give it to her. Shweta beams. Raavi also gives earrings as gifts. Everyone is taken aback. Shweta expresses gratitude. Rishita chuckles. Raavi cracks a joke. Rishita says you have money, you don’t miss an opportunity to flaunt it, you have diamond earrings, obtain such expensive things for us as well. Shweta believes I wish I could slap her. Rishita requests that she take it. Shweta tells Rishita to keep it because it will fit her. Dhara believes Rishita is joking. Rishita says no, and I can’t say no to her.

She says, “One day, you’ll thank me for keeping this jewellery with me.” Thanks, Shweta. Dhara requests that Rishita demonstrate maturity. Shweta says it’s fine; we’ve become friends. She becomes enraged. Krish and Shweta are blessed by her parents. Gautam and everyone are happy. Gautam claims that we are not permitted to accept gifts from bahu’s Maayka. Take it from your Kaki, Jankana says. She purchases jewellery for Pandya’s bahus. Shweta mocks Rishita and presents her with a diamond set. Rishita thanks Jankana with a hug. Jankana informs me that I have a gift for Shweta and Krish as well. Krish responds, “No, you’ve already given us a lot; we’ll handle this burden.” Jankana says, “Don’t stop me from doing my job.” Shweta cheerfully inspects the present.

Hari claims that we have established a new trust for our properties, with Chiku as the only owner. Everyone is happy. Shweta double-checks the paperwork. She is taken aback. She claims that the inaccurate name was printed. Jankana says no, we have considered carefully and nominated Dhara as Chiku’s guardian, we have named everything to Chiku, and all decisions about our property and Chiku will be made by Dhara. Everyone is happy. Jankana claims Dhara will inform him of the money deposited in Chiku’s account on a regular basis, and that he will receive 2 lakhs. Dhara says you didn’t ask us how you made such a major decision, and Shweta is Chiku’s mother.

Jankana says, “I can’t hand this responsibility to Shweta; she needs to learn to value money.” I absolutely trust Dhara. Dhara apologises and states that she is unable to accept this duty. Jankana claims that all of the paperwork have been created. Rishita says Jankana is correct; Dhara will handle this properly; don’t worry. Jankana hugs Shweta and asks her to look after her. Shweta considers exacting vengeance on Dhara.

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